My Favorite Five Minute Updos for Long Hair

Super easy and under two minutes to get The Knot - an easy updo.

This shop and tutorial on my favorite five minute updos for long hair has been compensated by Schwarzkopf. #CareWithKeratin #sponsored

When it comes to my hair, I generally get the same curious questions. “Do you have hair extensions?” “How did your hair grow so fast?” “What do you use to keep your hair so shiny?” While these are just a few of the beauty questions I get, I think folks are generally very inquisitive as to my hair. That’s a good thing. And, although, these questions are super easy to answer (no extensions, it’s always been this long, I just keep it up most of the time, I use a really good conditioner), there’s one thing that I know for sure: I’ve become the master of quick and easy long hair hairstyles for both around the home and traveling. I’m so busy, learning a couple of easy updos not only gets me out the door quickly, it keeps the compliments coming. Here’s my favorite no-fail, five-minute updos for long hair to get you out the door in five minutes or less!

"The Knot" is one of my favorite updos for my extra long hair.
“The Knot” is one of my favorite updos for my extra long hair.

The Knot

Don’t let the name of this style scare you, there’s a reason for my title.

Necessity is the mother of invention, and I came up with this updo when I literally had two minutes to get out the door. I had a couple of bobby pins and a set of Spin Pins on the bathroom counter and wanted a classy look in a flash. I literally tied my hair in a knot, rolled it over, and added the Spin Pins. Here’s how to get the look in two minutes or less.

  1. Part your hair. It all depends on my mood whether I make a side part or middle part.
  2. From about the temple, start rolling your hair backwards until you reach the end of your pony tail.
  3. Do the same to the other side. I tuck the first one under my arm pit while I’m rolling the second. Weird, I know, but it works.
  4. With a rolled pony tail in each hand, cross them over in the back so you’ve switched hands.
  5. Then pretend you’re knotting shoelaces until you hit the end. It will look kind of like a messy braid.
  6. Take the end piece and start rolling toward your head. Keep rolling until it’s tight enough to your head to make it durable.
  7. Using the Spin Pins, thread one on each side until they’re locked together.
  8. It’s up to you what you want to do next. You can either keep it very smooth and tidy or go for a messier look. I like to pull small pieces of hair out for a tousled style.
Side bun long hair updo
A side bun is cute any time of year!

The Side Bun

Another super simple style, all you’ll need is a hair elastic, some bobby pins, and Spin Pins if you have them. If not, you’ll need additional bobby pins. This updo takes me two or three minutes to complete.

  1. Part your hair on the opposite side you want your bun to be and section in half.
  2. Start rolling your hair to the back, one section at a time. If you’re not into the roll look, simply brush your hair and get all of the tangles out. Once you have your two sections where you’d like them, use a hair elastic to keep the hair in place.
  3. Twist your hair until it’s to the end. Keep twisting and roll your hair around the hair elastic. I like to tuck the end into the elastic for extra security.
  4. Twist the Spin Pins into both sides of the bun until they’re locked together. Use the bobby pins to secure loose pieces. No Spin Pins? Use more bobby pins. Feel free to add hair jewelry or a silk flower for fun! And, it’s up to you whether you want tight and classy or loose and messy. Personally, I like messy.

Let’s Talk About Hair Color & Condition

Schwarzkopf Keratin Color for long hair
No Photoshopping needed for these before and after photos. Check out that even color!

When it comes to my hair, I’m very conscious of how it looks. If I put in the effort to keep it pretty, I want it to stay that way, right? And I know the longer it gets, the more damaged it can look – especially because I color my hair once a month. I need to cover those grey hairs that have begun popping up!

Schwarzkopf Keratin Hair color in 6.0 Delicate Praline.
Schwarzkopf Keratin Hair color in 6.0 Delicate Praline.

At Home Coloring

When I was much younger, I used to rely on hair salons to keep my hair looking good, but compliments of a severe lack of time (and how expensive it’s become!), I look for affordable at-home hair color that I can easily do myself. Schwarzkopf Keratin Color has become my latest hair color obsession and for good reason: it gives me professional quality hair color at home that offers flattering colors while caring for the hair. I can do from the comfort of my own bathroom – and it lasts! I can buy it at my local Walmart along with other beauty products – so convenient!Professional quality hair color at home that offers flattering colors while caring for the hair.

Where to find Schwarzkopf Keratin Color at Walmart.
Where to find Schwarzkopf Keratin Color at Walmart.

Bye, Bye Uneven Color!

Remember the old days of at-home hair color where, especially with long hair, you’d end up with uneven color? Schwarzkopf Keratin Color has a pre-treatment that gives me even coloring. The Keratin makes my hair better conditioned than before I colored and I get 100% grey coverage. Tip: when coloring at home, you should never go more than two shades away from your natural color. Some additional advice: ALWAYS do a test swatch when coloring your hair at home. 

Schwarzkopf Keratin Hair color contents
Schwarzkopf Keratin Hair color includes a pre-treatment to keep your color even!

I’ve learned that the hard way, trust me. So, I chose Delicate Praline 6.0 to give my medium brown hair some warmth. Through December 31, 2017, Schwarzkopf is offering a Try It Free rebate for both its Keratin Color and Hair Care through this link

True fact: Mr. Locke sees me everyday. And, while I try to keep my hair looking its best, even HE noticed a difference in how shiny it was after I colored it. My hair is super soft and the shine is remarkable. A bonus from using Schwarzkopf Keratin Color is that you get a tube of Extra Keratin Care Complex Conditioner to use immediately after coloring – and there’s enough left for up to three additional applications to keep your hair soft and shiny until you can color again. So I found hair color that gives me less breakage, rich, even color, and a great price? Score!

Dressing for Success

Schwarzkopf Keratin Color has a partnership with Dress for Success®, a company that helps to empower women all over the world by helping with upward mobility. It helps women look successful by rejuvenating both their hair and clothing, giving them the fresh start they need and deserve. If you’d like to check out the latest on Dress for Success, it has a fun page dedicated to color inspiration and #CareWithKeratin.

Need a quick and easy updo for your long hair? Here's my favorites to get you our the door in under five minutes!


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22 Thoughts to “My Favorite Five Minute Updos for Long Hair”

  1. I wear my hair up a lot. It’s either ponytail or bun. I would like to try the first style “the knot” with the sides twisted on my daughter.

  2. Kiwi

    Hey Karyn how are you girlie! I love the side bun look…I think I can pull that off with my curly hair too!

  3. Ryan

    So glad I am a dude and don’t have to worry about this stuff 🙂 I know my next kid will be a girl though and I’ll have to learn

  4. The brand is picking the right influencer and the right product .. Seems both of yo are match made in heaven .. Goes so well with your hairs .

  5. I have really long hair, so I may need to try some of your quick hairstyles. I generally just do a “mom bun” or ponytail, but these look much cuter. Thanks for the ideas! #client

  6. I am so bad when it comes to maintaining my hair later on knowing what styles work best for me and which are quick so I just visit my hair dresser monthly to help me out with my Afro.
    Loving your tips

  7. Thank you for these updos. I’m going to try them out since I do have long hair. Normally I just do a boring ponytail.

  8. Akamatra

    I need to learn some easy up dos to do for when I get back to work. My hair reach the top of my breasts so they are not very long though

  9. Shreya

    I have really long hair and sometimes it gets unmanageable, loving the side bun. I am definitely gonna try it. Thanks for sharing.
    Shreya |

  10. Great post for updo hairstyles for the long haired women! Your instructions were easy to follow and understand.

  11. Loved your knot and side bun. I always fantasied Long hair but alas! I don’t have . But the best is I always have a top bun to remain clutter free:).

  12. Aine

    Great tips, buns are so handy for any occasion and the twist adds a nice extra feature must try this out

  13. Very nice. My cousins used this hair styles. She have long hair.

  14. UpDos are my faves! My Hubby loves my length but it always seems to ‘be in my way’ so a quick, easy and still stylish updo is always a great option!

  15. Ugh! I have long hair and it’s always either up or down, I never have the energy to do anything else with it. These are super cute and seem easy enough, I’ll have to give it a go.

  16. All these are great updos! I don’t have long hair but I try to make short or messy bun!

  17. I don’t have very long hair.But,I like ponytail when I don’t style with loose hair.I like these suggestions.Bun style is my favourite!

  18. I will have to show this to my daughter. She likes her long hair and would love knowing some different ways to put it up. I may end up being the one doing it, but at least she can see some ways she may like.

  19. Perfect UpDos. I too have long hair and I always seek for some good hairdos that take my very less time to set up. And I found in this post some really effortless UpDos.

  20. Courtney

    Omg so many cute looks!!!! I’m always looking for new hair inspiration. I will have to give a few of these a try

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  22. Debra Apple

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