The Coolest Antique Tractor Park in West Virginia You Never Knew Existed

West Virginia Cool Springs Park antique tractor

Quirky and fun is my proverbial travel bag, but there was no way in you-know-where that I’d ever imaged finding an antique tractor park in the middle of nowhere. Turns out that “nowhere” has a name and it’s called Rowlesburg, WV and so does the park – Cool Springs. If you’re looking for rusty beauty, Cool Springs Park should be on your bucket list. Here’s why in photos.

West Virginia Cool Springs Park antique tractor

What’s Cool Springs Park?

So, here’s a quick backstory. Mr. Locke and I were headed to Canaan Valley, WV. We turned a corner on a curvy road and I had to whip my head around. Sitting in the middle of no where was Cool Springs Park. From what I could see in those few seconds was antique tractors, old train cars, and an old mill-style water wheel carefully placed on an acre or so of land. I promised myself that we’d stop on the way home and, never to back out of a promise, did.

West Virginia Cool Springs Park antique cars

I parked the car and immediately hopped out. With cell phone in hand, I was curious at just how much we were able to explore. Should we stay on the other side of the fence? Were we able to stroll around? I asked the the lovely owner and she told us to go on in and explore. That’s what it’s there for.

West Virginia Cool Springs Park antique tractor and turkey

I also got the scoop on how Cool Springs Park in Rowlesburg, WV, came to be. It’s a gas station, general store, and restaurant. Locals fill its booths and many stop to get gas and other items. But, why the antique tractor park? The sweet owner told me her husband started collecting them and then “just kept on collecting”. Sounds about right to me.

West Virginia Cool Springs Park antique tractor

I then asked where exactly in West Virginia we were. Her reply, “Nowhere, really.” So, wanting the scoop I asked her, “If I were to mail a letter to Cool Springs Park, what would the address be?” I was told near Rowlesburgh, WV. That’ll work.

West Virginia Cool Springs Park train caboose

Inside Cool Springs Park

Once inside the gate, it was like rusty eye candy. Truth? I’ve always wanted a rusty truck from the 30’s or 40’s that was well maintained except for the exterior. If I ever come across one, it’s mine. So, there’s that. I headed toward the retired train cars (on actual track!) and noticed movement. Turns out there’s a bit of a petting zoo inside as well. I had the pleasure of talking to Alpaca, donkeys, a turkey, ducks, and a small cat. All are very well cared for and calm.

West Virginia Cool Springs Park Alpaca

A visit to the park is free be there are two donation boxes if you’d like to help out. There’s also plenty of play space for the kiddos including a small train for climbing and pretending.

Planning a Visit to Antique Tractor Park Heaven

Love antique tractors? There's a park in the middle of nowhere in West Virginia that's worth a visit. Here's the scoop on Cool Springs Park and why you need to make a pit stop.

If you’re curious and want to visit, here’s the official address to put into your GPS:

12696 George Washington Hwy, Rowlesburg, WV 26425

Heads up, the road is VERY windy. We were joking that there wasn’t curves in the read, they were berms (think mountain biking). I can only thank the owner for her gracious hospitality and for feeding my curiosity with endless answers to my questions.

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