The Best Ice Cream in Ohio: Eight Popular Shops

Velvet Ice Cream in Utica, Ohio

Ask me what my favorite food is and I’ll say ice cream. Every time. It’s not only been a childhood dessert staple, it’s now my family’s so-to sweet treat. So, what better way to celebrate National Ice Cream Month than by celebrating the best of the Buckeye State and the best ice cream in Ohio! Here’s a salute to Ohio’s favorite ice cream shops from top to bottom and in the middle, too.

Johnson's Real Ice Cream Buckeye Fever
Johnson’s Real Ice Cream in Dublin, Ohio. Buckeye Fever is not only one of its best sellers, it’s the perfect melding of peanut butter and chocolate!

1. Johnson’s Real Ice Cream – Dublin, Ohio

The Kid and I had the pleasure of popping into Johnson’s last month for a cool treat. With two locations to choose from, we taste-tasted at its Dublin, Ohio location and had a hard time narrowing down our favorite from its 40 flavors. But we did come up with a winner: Buckeye Fever. The fourth generation shop has a whimsical theme and is filled with photos from the family’s beginnings.

Jeni's Ice Cream north Market Columbus, Ohio
Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream. Photo Courtesy of Fahlgren Mortine PR.

2. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

You’ll find Jeni’s at several locations around Cleveland and Columbus, but our fave is its first location at North Market in the heart of Ohio’s capital city. The ice cream company has fun and creative flavors like Wildberry Lavender and Goat Cheese with red Cherries (so delish and decadent!). Even better? If you don’t live near a location Jeni’s will ship your favorite flavor straight to your door.

3. Mardi Gras Homemade Ice Cream

Mardi Gras has such a fun history. Right off Route 270 in Columbus and owned by an Indian immigrant missing the flavors of home, she started Mardi Gras to incorporate traditional Indian flavors into her homemade ice cream. A fan fave is Kesar Pista blending saffron, cardamom, and pistachio.

Velvet Ice Cream's Ohio State Fair edition

4. Velvet Ice Cream

I’m lucky that I can grab a pint of Velvet Ice Cream in our local Giant Eagle, but sometimes a visit to its home base in Utica, Ohio is a must. The Ohio State Fair loves Velvet so much that its annual official flavor is so popular there’s a contest to create the next one every year. We’ve had the pleasure of trying Elephant Ear and Blueberry Sweet Corn and, while they’re only seasonal, they’re a must.

Young's Dairy Ice Cream
Young’s Dairy Ice Cream. Photo Courtesy of Fahlgren Mortine PR.

5. Young’s Jersey Dairy

Head near Dayton, Ohio to Yellow Springs and you’ll find Young’s. Just about an hour west of Columbus sits not only an ice cream shop but a fully-functional and working dairy farm offering everything from an onsite restaurant to putt putt golf. Want to taste test a unique flavor? Ask for the Cow Patty – dark chocolate ice cream filled with chocolate cookie pieces, toffee chunks, and mini chocolate chips.

Tom's Ice Cream
Tom’s Ice Cream. Photo Courtesy of Fahlgren Mortine PR.

6. Tom’s Ice Cream

Head an hour east of Columbus and you have to hit Tom’s. A Zanesville staple since the late 1940’s, don’t let the shop’s exterior fool you. Walk inside and you’ll see a fun blast from the past including its ice cream servers in black bow ties and those cool paper hats that kids love to try on. While ice cream is its forte, the shop also serves housemade chocolates and freshly-roasted nuts. Want to try its iconic sundae? Ask for the Tin Roof.

Dairy Isle

We love the name Dairy Isle considering its location on Put-in-Bay (one of the Lake Erie Islands). Sure, its soft serve ice cream is a must when visiting the island, but kids will adorer the fun outdoor play area that includes a jet ski, rowboat, and sand pit.

Second Street Dari Creme
Second Street Dari Creme. Photo Courtesy of Fahlgren Mortine PR.

7. Second Street Dari Creme

Second Street Dari Creme is a hot spot to cool off in Portsmouth, Ohio. you’ll spy the city’s Ohio River flood wall murals and can grab an ice cream scoop or two while you’re admiring the pretty artwork.

8. The Dairy Depot

While there’s only three flavors on the menu at The Dairy Depot in Delaware, Ohio (just north of Columbus), there’s a reason why. Its vanilla, chocolate, and orange soft serve get rave reviews and help you narrow down your choice in a flash.

Headed to Ohio and want to try its favorite ice cream shops? Here's our list of the best ice cream in Ohio!

Do you have a favorite Ohio ice cream shop? Did we miss your favorite place to enjoy ice cream in Ohio? Let us know in the comment section below!

Special thanks to Johnson’s Real Ice Cream in Dublin, Ohio for the taste test!

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59 Thoughts to “The Best Ice Cream in Ohio: Eight Popular Shops”

  1. Dietsch Brothers out of Findlay, Ohio has followers from all over. Families that have moved and return home for whatever reason, always have to visit Dietsch Brothers for their homemade ice cream and candies. They are located at 400 West Main Cross Street, Findlay, OH 45840. They can be reached at (419) 422-4474. You will not be disappointed!!

    1. Karyn Locke

      Thank you so much for adding your favorite ice cream spot to the list!

    2. Anonymous

      I agree! Went to college in Ada and whoever we go back to visit, I take my kids there. Best caramel cashew sundaes ever!

  2. Sue Majors

    I cannot believe you omitted Graeter’s from your list. I thought for sure they would be the top pick!

    1. Karyn Locke

      Haha, I’ve never had the pleasure of trying it! Is it your fave?

      1. Anonymous

        Graeter’s is my favorite as well with Honey Hut a close second. Honey Hut is in the Cleveland area.

        1. Amy

          Agreed Graeters is the Best in Ohio and one of the best is the country. And also agree Honey Hut is best in Cleveland

          1. Janice Niccolai

            Honey Hut is good but I was surprised to not see Graeter’s in Cincinnati and Mitchell’s in Cleveland (Westlake Ohio to be exact). Mitchell’s is THE best!

    2. Karen

      I completely agree! Graeter’s is the best!

    3. T. Mack

      Graeter’s is top on my list, it beats Tom’s and even Young’s hands down.

    4. Alene Dandrea

      Absolutely right on!.

  3. Jenn

    Handels ice cream out of youngstown ohio!!! They were nominated #1 in the world!

    1. Karyn Locke

      Hey Jenn, thanks for the “scoop”. DOH!

      1. Shelly Alford

        I was going to say Handel’s. You haven’t had ice cream until you’ve had Handel’s. BEST EVER ! And not just in Ohio.

        1. Heather

          Absolutely! I grew up in the Youngstown area. Handel’s was my first job. I’ve tasted a lot of ice cream. Jeni’s in Columbus and Handel’s (there’s one close by in Hilliard) are at the top of my list. It just depends on what kind of ice cream that I’m in the mood for. Handel’s is traditional and very creamy. Jeni’s flavors are a bit more unique.

    2. Anonymous

      …. Toledo and Sylvania too!

  4. Miranda

    Toft’s Dairy in Sandusky Ohio! Cant beat it!

  5. Anonymous

    Don’t forget about Taggert’s in the hall of fame city Canton, Ohio!!!

    1. Anonymous

      The best coconut ice cream…ever,

  6. Katie McFall

    Handles ice cream in Youngstown, Ohio. By far the best in the state!

    1. Dawn

      I agree, hands down, the BEST homemade custard ice cream in the country!

  7. Anonymous

    Toft’s Ice Cream in Sandusky, OH

  8. Faith Laster

    Mitchell’s Ice Cream (Ohio City Kitchen & Shop
    Ice Cream Shop
    1867 W 25th St, Cleveland, OH 44113
    Map of mitchell’s ice cream (ohio city kitchen & shop)
    Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM
    Menu ·
    (216) 861-2799
    My favorite place by far!!!!

  9. Chris

    Youngstown is home to Handel’s Ice Cream, ranked by National Geographic as in the top ten in the world!

  10. Anonymous

    Lovelys in Springboro Ohio on route 73.

  11. J.M

    Why did you not mention Graeters in Columbus Ohio?

  12. Stephanie

    Definately Graeters in Cincinnati!!! My fav is the double chocolate chip!!!

  13. Denise

    oh my word!!! I kept patiently waiting for Mitchell’s in Cleveland to pop up… their fabulous with the full body of their “salted caramel” my favorite

  14. Jen

    Tofts, Handel’s, and Graeter’s!!!

  15. Angie Martin

    GREATER’S In cincy ! Chunky chunky hippo flavor
    Named after our beloved Fiona.

  16. Emily

    Handel’s for sure! Key Lime Pie is amahzing!

    1. Anonymous

      Handels is the only ice cream I eat

  17. Jodi

    Homemade brand at any of the UDF stores near and around Dayton. Best ever!

  18. Jane France

    Taggarts in Canton and Magnolia, Ohio. The Bittner and turtle sundaes are favorites!

  19. Dee

    I went to Jubie’s in Fairborn for the first time the other day. And, boy, was it great!!! Fresh made and delicious! And not too sweet, which I really appreciate. I tried their version of Almond Joy and was VERY impressed the with amount of coconut, almonds, and chocolate. SO GOOD!! My other favorite in the area, is Ritter’s. Frozen custard in Dayton, with hearty helpings and reasonable prices. Very tasty stuff!

  20. Anonymous

    Graeter’s is the best because their process is different from others.

    1. Caroline Giacobbe

      The New York times as well as Oprah Winfrey said Graeter’s was the best I e creamin the world and it is!!!! They use the French pot method,uniquelly.

  21. Crystal

    Sweet Moses is the best I’ve had anywhere. Not for the diet conscious. Very rich and creamy but oh so good. Located in Ohio City suburb of Cleveland. Expect a long line at times but well worth the wait!

  22. Mel Gedeon

    PAV’S Portage Lakes and opening new stores. Handel’s from Youngstown with many stores in Northeast Ohio. Honey Hut always a favorite.

  23. Anonymous

    We like Whit’s in Lebanon, Ohio when we visit! It’s great!!

  24. Jetta H.

    Lake city creamery in Celina, Ohio. They make their own hard dips ice creams and oh so delicious!!!

  25. Anonymous

    Tofts and Mitchell’s. In the summer, many of the tourists that come to Sandusky for Cedar Point have Tofts on their list of obligatory stops because it is GREAT!

  26. Anonymous

    Sweet Moses in Gordon Square; Cleveland. The best coconut almond chip, and peanut butter ice cream,…..the best…

  27. Anonymous

    Harrzler’s Dairy and Ice Cream Shoppe just outside of Wooster, Ohio. A family run dairy that has hormone free, organic milk in glass bottles topped with cream. They make thei ice cream with this milk and it’s only available at the store. Traditional flavors as well as many of their own. If you’re ever down visiting the College of Wooster or ATI it’s worth a visit.

    1. Anonymous

      Buehlers fresh foods now carries a few selections of their ice cream along with the milk and chocolate milk

  28. Alice

    Handel’s by far! Originated in Youngstown but has franchised all over the country!

  29. Anonymous

    Olivesburg General Store

    4778 OH-545, Ashland, OH 44805
    (419) 289-7548

    Nice little ride in the country! Cute little place to visit!

  30. Leeanne

    Tofts, Graeters, Celina Creamery, and the Delphi’s creamery are some of the best in Ohio for sure!

  31. Terri Solomon

    I grew up on Handel’s in the Youngstown area and the Chocolate Pecan is to die for! As a transplant to Cincinnati, I have to say that Graeter’s (all Chip flavors) is also to die for!
    People, can’t we all agree that Ohio is THE state t of all ice-cream deliciousness???

  32. Steph

    I’m shocked that Mitchell’s didn’t make this list… I’ve tried nearly all of the others on here and Mitchell’s takes the cake (AND the ice cream)! Next time you’re in Cleveland, the location next to West Side Market is a must.

  33. Brittny K

    Michael’s Ice Cream in Jackson. Home of the bubble.

  34. […] out Sand and Snow before (thank you!), you’ll probably have seen a mention of my fave food, ice cream. So, it’s no surprise to know that I actively seek out fun ice cream shops when we travel. […]

  35. Jay

    Grantees is world famous…

  36. Jay

    Graeters is world famous…

  37. Anonymous

    Michaels ice cream since 1909 jackson ohio,45640 hometown ice cream

  38. Anonymous

    Aglamesis Brothers in Cincinnati has fantastic ice cream (and chocolates) and is next door to King Arthur’s Court Toy store in the Oakley neighborhood.

  39. Sarah

    Aglamesis in Cincinnati is my favorite even over other Cincinnati favorites such as graeters.

  40. Connie

    Astounded not to see Graeter’s on your list, but gratified to see it in the comments! When I saw the title I thought it was going to be an “excuse” to rave about Graeter’s! I repeat, GRAETERS IS THE GREATEST!!!!!

  41. Anonymous

    Handels in Youngstown Ohio ,best butter pecan ice cream ever.

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