How to Keep Valuables Safe While Traveling:Easy Hotel Tips

How to keep valuables safe while traveling jewelry

When theft in major hotels or resorts make the news, I have to remind myself that almost all people are honest. It’s that teeny fraction of hotel employees that make us leery of keeping our valuables in plain sight when staying at a hotel. So I started snooping around and asking folks that are seasoned travelers, travel writers, and bloggers how to keep valuables safe while traveling. From the common ones to one you may not even know about, here’s easy tips to protect your valuables in hotel rooms.

Keeping valuables safe while traveling pocket watch

Safe (ish)

I wrote it earlier, but I have to re-make the point that most hotel and resort employees are honest folks. I love to take the time to chat with everyone from the housekeeping staff to management when I have a free moment. So, hotel and resort rooms are generally secure. Having written that, I don’t leave jewelry or valuables just lying around on the nightstand or bathroom counter.

And this seems to be the consensus, too. The folks that I asked would much rather put their valuables in a drawer or tucked in their suitcase. While this isn’t the safest option, it will solidify the phrase “out of sight, out of mind”. If you want to use the suitcase method, make sure you lock it up.

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This is what most folks do that travel: take full advantage of the in-room safe. While many room safes have space for things like jewelry, passports, and cash, if there’s extra room, I learned a tip from an expert: keep one of your shoes inside the safe so you don’t forget you’ve left valuables in it. While you’re packing your shoes to leave, you’ll be reminded that there’s a missing shoe – and you won’t forget your precious items. Thanks, Michelle, for the heads up from the podcast Happier with Gretchen Rubin. Still room left inside? Add your laptop and tablets, too.

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Even Safer

For as many years as I’ve been a constant traveler, I cannot believe I didn’t know about this valuable tip. Many hotels and resorts offer a front desk safe where you can keep valuable items. By calling ahead and reserving one (they’re similar to a safety deposit box), they have additional security measures including itemizing what you’ve put inside or a double key lock. Even better? They’re generally free of charge!

If you love spending time at the resort/hotel pool, it’s a constant rubbernecking situation back to your lounge chair, especially if you leave personal items on it. But, there is an inexpensive solution. Consider purchasing a portable, lightweight safe like SafeGo. It was created for beach and lounge chairs and will hold your wallet, cash, keys, and even your cell phone. The safes have both customizeable combination and key locks and come in fun colors.

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Many travelers feel that the safest way is to keep their valuables at home while traveling to avoid any conflict or issues. Traveling with inexpensive costume jewelry will save you some heartache if a piece gets lost or misplaced, and I’m the queen of leaving things behind so I’m not inclined to fret about inexpensive pieces.

When it comes to valuables and traveling, we all want to stay as safe as possible. Here's easy tips to help keep your precious items safe while at a hotel or resort.

If you feel leery about leaving your precious items in a resort or hotel safe or in your room, consider purchasing a stash belt. They’re large enough to fit credit cards, cash, and a passport. This way you can keep an eye on them constantly.

Lastly, if you really want peace of mind, consider purchasing travel insurance. Make sure to check the polity for its lost/stolen coverage.

How do you keep your valuables safe while traveling? Please let us know in the comment section below!


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