7 Ways to Keep Your Allergies in Check While Traveling

keep your allergies in check while traveling

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Being a travel writer and living out of a suitcase has both its advantages and disadvantages. On the upside, there’s definitely nothing like seeing the world and bringing along both my teen daughter and husband to share in the fun and education. The downside? Every time we open up a hotel or resort door there’s always a chance one of us will suffer from an allergy symptoms. Whether it’s seasonal allergies or year round allergies there’s been a time where each of us has been miserable while traveling. So, I’ve learned to step up my anti-allergy game and travel prepared for the worst of them. Here’s seven easy ways to keep your allergies in check while traveling including finding a great allergy medicine like Xyzal® Allergy 24HR.

Ways to avoid allerigies when traveling

Bring a Piece of Home with You

While I love to travel, there are times that I get a little homesick. To combat both the allergies and the homesickness, I always travel with my own pillow. It might look a little silly, dragging into every hotel and resort, but it halts my allergies by keeping this familiar item closest to my face when I’m resting. And so I don’t forget, I always cover my pillow with a brightly-covered pillowcase so it stands out while I’m packing to leave. If you don’t want to bring your own pillow, you can always bring a zippered pillow cover and cover the hotel pillow you plan to sleep on.

ways to keep your allergies in check while traveling Xyzal allergy medicine do your research on hotels

Do Your Research Ahead of Time

Did you know that many hotels offer allergy-friendly rooms? Yes, hypoallergenic rooms are becoming more and more popular. There’s several hotel chains that offer allergen-free rooms, so do your research while you’re planning your trip. Don’t hesitate to call the hotel directly for more information. Full disclosure: you’ll probably end up paying at least $20 more per night for these  special rooms but it’s totally worth it to spare an attack.

Ways to avoid allerigies when traveling

Ask for a Room on the Highest Floor

Mold, a common allergen (especially in my family) is less likely to grow on higher hotel floors. Call the hotel directly and ask for a room on the top floor to spare an allergy flare-up. Also keep in mind that the sunnier side of the hotel tends to have less mold as well.

Ways to avoid allerigies when traveling outdoor pool

Avoid Rooms Near the Indoor Pool

This one goes for my family, too. My lungs won’t tolerate the strong smell of chlorine, so if I’m anywhere near an indoor pool I’ll know it immediately. Again, feel free to call the hotel and request a room away from its indoor pool and stick to the outdoor pool instead.

Ways to avoid allerigies when traveling avoid pet-friendly hotels

Stay Away from Pet-Friendly Hotels

My poor husband gets watery, itchy eyes and the “permasneeze” (you know, that feeling in your nose where it feels like you’re going to sneeze but it never comes?) if unfamiliar cat or dog dander gets anywhere near his face or skin. To keep his allergies in check, we look for hotels that don’t allow pets or those that have pet free rooms for at least a month. While a hotel cannot refuse a service animal, you can make sure to ask for a room that hasn’t had one in it.

ways to keep your allergies in check while traveling Xyzal allergy medicine

Take Your Medicine

Preparing and taking a small medicine bag is a good idea, not only for your health but your finances, too. Make sure to include common items like bandages, pain relief, and an ice bag. You wouldn’t believe how many times  an ice bag has come in handy for my family. It’s so much easier to grab something from our medicine bag then hunt for a pharmacy near our hotel or pay a premium price for medicinal items at the hotel gift shop.

Ways to avoid allerigies when traveling Xyzal in stores

I didn’t develop seasonal allergies until I was an adult, but my husband and daughter have had them their entire lives. I chalk that up to living in a valley where pollen seems to settle in and remain. Compliments of it, my husband and I have tried allergy medicine after allergy medicine and have found one that works for us, happily – Xyzal® Allergy 24HR. For years Xyzal has been available by prescription only (our allergist prescribed it) but Xyzal is now available over the counter. It comes in a 10 count package (perfect for that medicine travel bag!), 35, 55, and 80 and can be found in the allergy medicine aisle in CVS.

Ways to avoid allerigies when traveling Xyzal allergy medicine

Here’s Xyzal in a nutshell, but please remember to read and follow the product labeling before use. The once nightly allergy relief pill is proven to work in 60 minutes. For a full 24 hours, we get relief of common indoor and outdoor allergy symptoms including itchy and watery eyes, sneezing, runny and itchy nose, and itchy throat. It helps us get a good night’s rest by relieving our allergy symptoms so that we’re ready to go for a full travel day.

Ways to avoid allerigies when traveling keep windows up when road tripping

Road Tripping? Keep Those Windows Up!

I know, there’s something about road tripping with the windows down or fresh air vents blowing your way. But for three out of the four seasons, do just that and you’ll encounter air full of pollen or leaf mold. Your best bet is to use the air conditioning (leave the air flow on recirculate) and leave it on for at least ten minutes before your get in the car. This will help to get rid of dust mites.
Be sure to check the Xyzal® Allergy 24HR at CVS website for more information before your next trip!

Seven easy ways to keep your allergies in check while traveling. #ForgetAllergies #AD


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