DIY Disney Ornaments: Easy Mickey Mouse Ornament Tutorial

DIY Mickey ornaments

I like to consider myself crafty. I’m decent with a hot glue gun, love to find inspiration in our local craft stores, and am always on the hunt for simple (and affordable!) holiday make-it-yourself gifts. On a recent visit to Walt Disney World, the fam and I hit Disney Springs for a morning of shopping and popped into Disney’s Days of Christmas where it’s always a jolly holiday. We checked out the Mickey head ornaments – and then looked at the price. Yikes! Knowing I could make them for 10% of the price, my daughter and I set off on a department store adventure, purchased inexpensive plastic ornaments of all sizes (the ears have to be just right!), and got to work. Here’s an easy tutorial for my DIY Disney ornaments: Mickey Mouse ornaments!

DIY Disney Ornaments: The finished product is so worth the effort and affordable cost.


What we ended up with I’m happy to share with you as the process is very simple and requires no gluing at all. From a DIY Mickey head ornament budgeting standpoint, the small Mickey head ornaments averaged about 30 cents a piece while the larger, silver glitter Mickey head ornament came in at about $1.50.

Speaking of inexpensive, Mickey Business has the best free things at Magic Kingdom. We love Disney World freebies!

DIY Mickey Ornaments

What You’ll Need for DIY Disney Ornaments

  • Inexpensive round, plastic ornaments for the head and ears. We found ours at both WalMart and the Dollar Store.
  • A Cordless drill with several sizes of drill bits
  • Optional: Ribbon, glitter tape, and a hole punch

Directions for DIY Mickey Ornaments

DIY Mickey Ornaments

Step One

First use the ornament seam as a guide. Line up where the ears will be and draw a mark using a sharpie. I eyeballed it, but if you like you can measure exactly to be certain the ears line up perfectly.

DIY Mickey Ornaments

Step Two

Using a small drill bit (I started with 1/16″), make a pilot hole where the two marks are.

DIY Mickey Ornaments

Step Three, Four, & Five

I gradually increased the drill bit size until I got to 5/16″ in size – and just a teeny bit too small for the ear ornament ends. So I did what any old-school gal would do and used the drill bit to bore a slightly larger hole.

Pop off the ornament holder ends from the two smaller ornaments and keep testing the holes. Remember, less is definitely more in regards to making the holes larger. Once the holes are a smidgen larger than the ear ornaments, you should be able to pop them right in.

DIY Mickey Ornaments

Step Six

Decorate as you wish or leave plain and simple. To mix things up, I added a simple bow to the larger Mickey ornament and left it at that.



It was super easy to embellish the red Mickey ornaments with some glitter tape from the Dollar Store and a hole punch to punch out silver polka dots.

Looking for an easy DIY Mickey ornament tutorial? This one uses no glue and inexpensive ornaments.

I plan on making several more for our Christmas tree, adding to the fireplace mantle, and to decorate cookie gift baskets.

DIY Mickey ornaments

Are you planning on making your own Mickey ornaments this year? Please let me know in the comment section how they turned out!

Looking for an easy and affordable way to make DIY Disney ornaments? Here's a super easy Mickey Mouse ornament tutorial with no gluing and super affordable items! #Disney 3DisneyDIY #DIYDisneyOrnaments #DisneyChristmas

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22 Thoughts to “DIY Disney Ornaments: Easy Mickey Mouse Ornament Tutorial”

  1. Connie

    These are so cute! Thanks for sharing! I LOVE them!

  2. paula brock

    what were the size of the ornaments did you use for the head and ears

    1. Karyn Locke

      Great question, Paula! I purchased several sizes and used the ones that fit best together, but in general the Large Mickey head in the middle uses one 5-inch ball for the head and two 3-inch balls for the ears. The smaller ones use one 4-inch ball for the head and two 2-inch balls for the ears. Hope this helps!

      1. Lisa

        Thanks for those measurements, they were really helpful.

  3. mercedes medina

    This was great Thank you Karyn for sharing this. I just made a Mickey Wreath and I just love it. So now I can add Ornaments to my list to. thanks again. A Mickey fan

  4. Robyn C.

    What was the glitter tape and polka dots for? I couldn’t see where they were used! Love them though.

    1. Hi Robyn,

      Thanks for the question. If you look at the Pinterest pin, you’ll see the red ornaments with white polka dots. It’s really easy to do and a cute touch. Thanks for popping in!

  5. Alisa

    Love this!!! I have gathered all my supplies and am ready to try to make some of these. How far do you measure from the ornament stem to make the Sharpie dot before drilling??

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  9. Clarissa

    How do the ear ornaments stay without glueing?

    1. Lisa

      I actually glued mine. I used my glue gun to make the holes. The ornaments are plastic so if you hold the glue gun where you want the hole it will melt and you can adjust the hole as big as you need it with the gun. I put a little glue around the ornament and that’s that. I always use gorilla hot glue sticks.

  10. Cheryl U.

    I made these for my preschool kiddos last year. But I broke off small ornament tips and glued them. Got my ornaments at dollar tree so I probably averaged about less than a quarter each. Loved them. Going to do more this year.

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  15. Carol P

    How do you keep the ornament still while you are drilling the ear holes?

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