Why Burr Oak Lodge Is The Perfect Melding of Relaxation and Activity

Burr Oak Lodge lobby

Our third and final stop on our giant Great Ohio Lodges road trip (Hueston Woods and Shawnee came before it!) found us headed back towards home- and to Burr Oak Lodge & Conference Center. Centered around Burr Oak Lake, the views of the Ohio State Park and so many family-friendly activities that we were kept pleasantly occupied, the lodge is a perfect respite for folks looking to have a laid back vacation with the opportunity to get out there and enjoy nature.

Burr Oak Lodge sign

Disclosure: I was graciously hosted by Shawnee Lodge & Conference Center to give you fine folks the scoop on what makes it so much fun for families. I was not asked to state a particular point of view and all opinions my own!

I’m sure you’d never believe it when I tell you that, only a few years ago, Burr Oak Lodge & Conference Center was in terrible disarray and about to be closed down permanently. Compliments of a few passionate folks, the Great Ohio Lodges swooped in and took over the property. Several millions of dollars in renovations later, the lodge is back and more beautiful than ever. Burr Oak Lodge is one of the top employers in the county and so many residents call it their second home for weddings, parties, anniversaries, you name it. The Kid and I had such an amazing visit last August and learned all about what makes the property a local favorite.

Burr Oak Lodge: An Overview

Burr Oak Lodge Lobby with Loft

We headed into the lobby area and stopped dead in our tracks. The rustic beauty of the massive, open space was so refreshing and welcoming. If I had to put in order which of the Great Ohio Lodges made us feel most at home, it was definitely this one. The small town and county residents know and love each other so much that it’s like one big, happy family- and that shows throughout so effortlessly.

Burr Oak Lodge lake dock

After check-in we headed to the dock area. Burr Oak Lodge has its own dock for guests to use at their leisure. We didn’t have the pleasure of boating on Burr Oak Lake during our visit but did catch a few folks utilizing it. Instead, we walked to it both morning and night to simply watch the fish jump in the water and to check out the pretty scenic views of the forest and water.

Guest Accommodations

Burr Oak Lodge bedroom

It was perfect timing for The Kid and I to unload our luggage into a one bedroom suite. Right at the end of trip, the both of us could have used some extra space and the lodge’s option was perfect.

Burr Oak Lodge suite living area

I had the king bedroom to myself (complete with glass doors!) and The Kid had the entire living room area to herself. We asked for extra linens for the pull-out couch and she was happy as can be. If you don’t need that much space or need far more, the Lodge also has traditional king rooms and cottages.

Burr Oak Lodge toiletries

We even had the pleasure of each having our own bathroom. Yep, two bathrooms! Mine had a glass-enclosed shower and hers? A shower/tub combo. Both had my new favorite amenities: Great Ohio Lodges brand shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel. I even took a bottle of body lotion home with me- it’s the perfect, subtle lemongrass scent.


Burr Oak Lodge pizza

The first meal of our visit was dinner so we had to try the famous pizza! One split between us was plenty, especially when we saved room for dessert!

Burr Oak Lodge dessert

Decadent chocolate cake beautifully plated was delicious and filling. Hey, it’s okay to splurge on vacation, right?

Burr Oak Lodge breakfast

The next morning we had the pleasure of dining again in the Cardinal Dining Room and Bar. Known for its Breakfast Skillets, my Appalachian Skillet was a great way to begin the day. Three eggs topped with sausage gravy, cheddar cheese, and a side of toast so beautifully cooked and presented.

I only had the chance to browse, but there is a full bar in the restaurant for folks like like to have a night cap or drink during meals. If you do, take some time to sit at the bar and chat with the staff- they’re so friendly!

On-Property Activities and Amenities

Burr Oak Lodge outdoor activities

Burr Oak Lodge has plenty of indoor and outdoor activities to keep guests happy and busy. Just across the street from the main parking area there’s the cutest mini golf course that The Kid and I enjoyed a nine hole game at.

Burr Oak Lodge activities tennis mini golf

Only a few steps away from the course are tennis courts and a playground area for younger children. There’s also nearby shuffleboard, basketball, and horseshoe pits- and the Lodge has the equipment to go with each. While the mini golf is a small $3.00 per game, the rest of the court games are free to use.

In addition to the above mentioned activities, Burr Oak Lodge also offers:

  • Disc Golf
  • Geocaching
  • Swimming
  • Boating
  • Fishing
  • Hunting

Travel a few minutes away from the Lodge and you can dive into horseback riding and belly boat fishing, too.

Burr Oak Lodge Indoor pool

While Burr Oak is only lodge of the three Great Ohio Lodges to not ave an outdoor pool, its indoor pool is large enough to accommodate guests.

Burr Oak Lodge entrance

Love hummingbirds? There’s dozens around the Lodge to spy on. Burr Oak encourages them by growing flowers that they love and hanging out plenty of hummingbird feeders on the outdoor decks.

Rainy Day? Not a Problem

Burr Oak Lodge loft board games

We had a few showers during our visit, but never once did I wish it to stop raining. The loft area in the lobby has dozens of old fashioned board games to try your luck with. It was during this time that I realized The Kid is a whiz at checkers. I got the pants beat off me!

Burr Oak Lodge Kids discovery area

Walk downstairs from the lobby and there’s the cutest Nature Discovery Center for kids. It’s filled with animal facts and lessons about how we can help to preserve the environment.

Burr Oak Lodge Naturalist program

On select afternoons, a Naturalist from the park meets with guests in the lobby for some super cool interaction and education. We tested our knowledge on common Ohio mammal pelts and I learned so much about our neck of the woods.

Why Burr Oak Lodge Is The Perfect Melding of Relaxation & Activity


So my advice if you’re planning a trip? Be prepared to do plenty of nothing, or as much as you like Burr Oak Lodge & Conference Center offers its guests options for doing both- and that’s the perfect combination.


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