Five Super Simple Ways to Spoil Your Cat When You’ve Been Traveling

Rescue cat Bella

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When you’re on the road as much as we are, you come to savor those moments when you walk through your front door and your cats are right there meeting you because they’ve missed you so much. I’ll be the first to admit that we travel more than most (it’s in our blood- we’ve got a bad case of wanderlust!) and, while we have family taking care of our kitties when we’re away, they love the sound of our suitcase wheels rolling through the door- and they know we’re leaving by that same rolling noise, too!  It’s those times that we really like to throw on the love thickly. Hey, who am I kidding? I spoil my cats constantly. They’re all rescues (abandoned by their mothers, born on my sister’s porch by a stray, born in my garage because Mr. Locke kept the garage door open for too long…you get the idea.) and I seriously can’t resist their sweet faces and demeanor. So how do I show them I love them? By spoiling them rotten, of course! Keep reading for easy ways to spoil your cat before and after you’ve been traveling.

Spend One on One Time with Every Cat, Every Day

Sleepy Kitty Sheba Cat
Spending a few minutes every day with your kitties is good for them- and great for you!

This one sounds like a no-brainer, but when you have multiple cats in your home each one will vie for attention at some point and mine all depend on the time of day. I have two sweet kittens that love early morning scratches so that’s their time. My older cats? They like to sleep in so it’s at bedtime when they want love.

By taking the time, even if it’s just a couple of minutes each day, to hold your cat and give them a couple of scratches, you’ll be surprised at how they react and relate positively. Oh, and purring? Not only is it healthy for them, it’s good for you, too. Those sweet purring vibrations have been linked to lowering stress and lessening the risk of a heart attack.

Keep Your Cat Well Groomed

Trey in window
Love the water on Trey’s chin- she had just had a drink and jumped on the window sill.

Younger cats and kittens have the whole grooming thing down pat, but older cats and special cases may need a little extra help- and that’s where you’ll need to give them a hand. We have an all-black cat named Pickle that was abandoned by his mama at such a young age he was never taught how to groom himself so we have to step in and help him out. He’s eight years old now and we make sure to brush him frequently, wipe down his fur when it needs it (don’t put your cat in the tub unless you want everlasting scars!), and wipe his eyes and face.

Keep Hairballs Out of Sight

Trey's paw
Putting a little bit of hairball treatment on your cat’s paw and letting them lick it off will help with messes.

We’ve noticed that when the weather starts to warm up, i.e. that elusive Ohio season called spring, that our cats really start shedding their winter coat (hey, we can’t wait to do that, too!) and they get more hairballs than normal. Our solution? An inexpensive hairball remedy that can be purchased at any pet store or department store.

As a maintenance dose, we rub a little on their paws about once a week and they love the flavor. Win-win for both parties. They don’t have the hairballs and we don’t have to listen to that well-known hairball gagging sound. And our floors and carpets love us, too.

“Treat” them Well With a Head Count

 Sheba Meaty Tender Sticks
Treat your cat with Sheba Meaty Tender Sticks. Our kitties love them!

Right before we leave the house for adventure, I always do a kitty head count. There’s nothing like that sinking feeling when you think one of your cats has sneaked into your closet and you’ve closed the door on them. My solution? Make a treat time once the luggage is packed into the car.

They know the sound of the treat packages (smart kitties!) and seriously come running because they know what’s in store for them. Also, we love feeding our cats high-quality food and snacks and we really love (and so do they) SHEBA® Meaty Tender Sticks Cat Treats. They’re made with zero artificial flavors and real meat, and the SHEBA® Meaty Tender Sticks with Chicken variety is a favorite in our home.

Just got Home? It’s Time to Eat!

Sheba Perfect Portions Paté In Natural Juices Savory Chicken Entrée Cat Food
SHEBA® WHAT CATS WANT™ : I know it’s exactly what my cats want!

So here’s the scoop in my house: I have lazy, happy house cats. When we travel? I think they’re extra-lazy and lounge around even more than usual and tend to eat less. So, when we arrive home from traveling, they want attention, they want love- they want to eat! And, while we’d love to let them eat as much as they’d like, super overweight house cats are a common occurrence. We’re in a hurry to unpack and get the house back to normal so convenience and quality is a top priority for us.

Sheba Cat
Finding Sheba Perfect Portions and Meaty Tender Sticks at Walmart is a breeze!

Here’s where SHEBA® PERFECT PORTIONS™ comes in super handy. Each pack is two perfect portions- all you have to do is snap it in half, open the package, and it’s up to you whether to scoop each portion into a bowl or leave it right there in the package. We generally just leave it in the package and let them enjoy. Easy cleanup and easy to wash out and recycle. And, with as many cats as we have, it’s a snap to head to Walmart and purchase a SHEBA® PERFECT PORTIONS™ Multipack Chicken Entrée and Turkey Entrée. There’s 12 Twin Packs in each so we’re not constantly running to the store.

Sheba Perfect Portions Paté In Natural Juices Savory Chicken Entrée Cat Food

So let’s chat! How do you keep your furry babies happy and healthy when you’re traveling? Leave me a comment and we’ll swap ideas!

Ways to Spoil your cat before and after travel

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    1. Karyn Locke

      Thank you so much, Courtney! It’s super important to make my furry babies feel like a member of the family!

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