Flying Hot Dog At Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

I’ve heard of flying fish, but this hot dog belongs to the band Phish so I guess I could say flying Phish!

The 15-foot long foot log was a prop in the band’s 1997 New Year’s Eve concert in Florida. According to the band’s manager, John Paluska, they were all throwing around ideas for the concert when Phish’s drummer stated, “What if we flew out in a giant hot dog?” Everyone thought that was the coolest idea ever, so the flying hot dog was created.

If you’ve ever visited the rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio, the Phish mobile is only one of thousands of props and memorabilia you’ve seen. The massive lobby is host to a few other vehicles including cars from U2’s Zoo TV tour just to the left of the hot dog.

I’ve been asked if the Hall of Fame is fun for kids and my answer is a definite yes. Sure the kids may not know the singers r bands and they may not understand the importance of many of the exhibits, but the whimsical atmosphere is perfect for kids of all ages. I’m lucky that I have a teenager that loves “retro” music, aka the music I grew up on, so she always has a ball with the interactive displays.

Have you visited? Please let me know in the comment section below!

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