5 Reasons Why You Should Check Out the Ground at Walt Disney World

Making two trips to  Walt Disney World every year, my family has learned that the theme park fun is not only at eye level. In fact,  the theme parks are highly creative when it comes to what’s near your feet. Here’s five of my family’s favorite ground finds.

With this Ring I Thee Wed

The legend goes that Master Gracy of the Haunted Mansion had a seventh wife that was a prankster. She locked herself in the attic trunk and subsequently ran out of oxygen. When she was finally found, he had a horse-drawn carriage take her body to the cemetery to be buried. During the ride, the horse became spooked, the seventh wife’s ring fell off her finger, and the horse trampled on it. The ring is still in the standby queue and is cemented in the memory of all who find it.

Where did I Leave my Key?

In Muppet vision 3-D in Disney’s Hollywood Studios,  at the immediate entrance you’ll see a sign to the right that reads “Back in 5 minutes”. Keep reading and you’ll note that they’ve left the key under the door mat. When you find the key, the cast member will be delighted that you’ve found it.

No Toilet, No Problem

In Liberty Square at Magic Kingdom, take a look at the ground and you’ll notice a rough, brown path. This path was created to represent the sewer paths that lined the roads two hundred plus years ago. Back then, house owners and businesses would throw out their waste from the upper floor windows into the trenches and Disney paid homage to it in Liberty Square. That’s also why you won’t find a bathroom in that area as well.

Lions & Tigers & Bear Prints- Oh My!

Photo Credit: flickr/Theme Park Tourist

The New Fantasyland Expansion is a great area to spot animal paw prints. As you head toward and away from the circus tent, look down at the ground and you’ll see the foot prints of the circus animals.

A Rose Is a Rose?

Walk through Cinderella Castle and in between where you exit and Prince Charming Regal Carousel you’ll find a beautiful compass rose in the ground.

We love looking at the beautiful details in Walt Disney World parks, and these five fun finds will give you an excuse to walk with your head down.

Happy Travels!

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