Peter Pan’s Flight in Magic Kingdom at WDW: Have You Seen the New Interactive Queue?

When you visit Walt Disney World, FastPass+ is an awesome way to skip the lines and head straight to the front of an attraction queue. On high crowd days, or even days that you are in a hustle to see as much as you can, the system certainly helps my family to check out popular rides and attractions quickly. 

Having written that…

There are days when my family just wants to mosey through the parks and maybe not walk 12 miles a day. 

It’s those days that we actually enjoy waiting in the standby queues. Walt Disney World is doing such a fine job creating fun, interactive queues for their attractions and the standby queue for Peter Pan’s Flight® is one of them. 

Our last day in the parks in October was one of those “moseying” days. We generally won’t wait in a line that’s over 30 minutes long, so when we saw the standby queue for the attraction was only 25 minutes we jumped in line to check it out.  

It’s a beauty. There’s so much detail that lovers of the cartoon will find themselves walking even slower than normal to take it all in. And, it’s climate controlled. Ahh.

Here’s a few highlights from our visit to the standby queue.

The queue really focuses on The Darling’s house, particularly the children’s bedrooms. 

Even Nana’s house makes an appearance. 

Remember Peter Pan’s shadow? We got to make our own. There’s also really cool interactive shadow butterflies and bells  on the wall.

Another shot of the bedroom.

The other side of the bed. Check out Peter Pan’s shadow in the framed oval picture. I swear, I had a lamp like that when I was a kid!

The queue is pretty dimly lit and I didn’t want a continuous flash to ruin the other guests’ queue experience, so the pics are pretty dark. 

Near the end of the standby queue, Tinkerbell makes an appearance and puts a little pixie dust on the guests. 

Love this walk through video on Youtube.

Have you taken a stroll through the Peter Pan’s Flight® standby queue? What did you think of it? Please let me know in the comment section below!

Happy Travels!

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