Haunted Mansion Standby Queue Walkthrough

Haunted Mansion Standby Queue
For those of you that read my blog (thank you!), you undoubtedly have learned that I’m a fan of all things creepy and kooky. So, it should come as no surprise that my all-time favorite ride at Walt Disney World is Haunted Mansion. The ride itself is simply incredible, filled with amazing special effects that are still outstanding 43 years after its opening on October 1, 1971 – and that includes Haunted Mansion standby queue!
Compliments of the new FastPass+ system, those using it have a special line that takes a fast detour straight to the main entrance doors, and I have to admit I’m a big fan of skipping the line on heavy crowd days. But, there are times when my family and I simply want to mosey through the standby queue.
Why? Because it’s so much fun!  There’s so many opportunities to play at the interactive spots while touring the graveyard area, and I felt the best way to show you was through photos with the new love in my life- my Nikon Coolpix L820 camera.
Haunted Mansion Standby Queue stone busts

Haunted Mansion Standby Queue – First Stop

The first stop along the standby queue is the five stone busts that look like they’ll open their mouths and start spewing snarky comments at any moment. I’ve never heard them speak, but I really wish they would. This is a great spot for a family photo op, as the line tends to back up a little bit here.

Haunted Mansion Standby Queue tombstones

As the queue moves along, don’t forget to take a peek at the tombstones  and the witty carvings on them.

Haunted Mansion Standby Queue lighting

A pretty view of the back entrance of Haunted Mansion and the lighting fixtures.

Haunted Mansion Standby Queue covered queue

The standby queue is covered with a dark green awning that tends to keep the direct sun off your head, but don’t confuse that with a respite from the Florida heat. On really hot days, the Ghost Hosts turn on the overhead fans for air circulation.

Haunted Mansion Standby Queue interactive instruments

Haunted Mansion Standby Queue – Interactive Displays

Ok, here’s where it starts to get fun. When you touch the various instruments on this tomb, the pieces actually play a little tune. Happily, several folks at once can play with the tomb instruments, and all of the pieces playing together make a cute tune.

Haunted Mansion Standby Queue interactive sections

Love the bagpipe!

Haunted Mansion Standby Queue pipe organ

Rounding the corner from the instrument tomb, you’ll come upon a pipe organ that is also interactive. Similar to the organ in the ballroom scene in the ride itself, when you play the keys smoke & music will fill the air.

Haunted Mansion Standby Queue captain culpepper cline

Here Floats Captain Culpepper Clyne! Watch out for his sneezes, for they’ll be sure to get you wet and surrounded by bubbles!

Haunted Mansion Standby Queue tombstones behind bars

The beginning of the graveyard areas. Once again, while you’re weaving through the queue make sure to read the fun writings on the tombstones.

Haunted Mansion Standby Queue Master Gracey laid to rest

Poor Master Gracey, owner of the Haunted Mansion. He still gets no rest compliments of the millions of visitors that walk by his grave each year.

Haunted Mansion Standby Queue engagement ring

A “Hidden Mickey”, if you will. There’s a wedding ring in the walkway of the ride queue. So here’s how you can find it:

You thought I would cave and tell you! No way! Finding it yourself is half the fun!

Haunted Mansion Standby Queue entrance sign

Is it too creepy that I actually want this sign near my front door?

Haunted Mansion Standby Queue tomb details

Pretty details on the backside of Captain Culpepper’s Tomb.

Haunted Mansion Standby Queue ornate fencing

Ornate fencing separating the standby queue from the cemetery.

Haunted Mansion Standby Queue here lies martin

Another view of the cemetery next to the fencing.

My Favorite Spot in the Standby Queue

Haunted Mansion Standby Queue madame leota
Once you’ve taking a mosey through the queue, you’ll be asked to fill in all of the “dead space” behind the entrance doors. It’s here on your left that you’ll find Madame Leota’s tombstone. Keep an eye on it, for she’s definitely keeping an eye on the Haunted Mansion guests.
And that’s it. The standby queue is definitely worth a leisurely stroll in and it wouldn’t be a trip to Walt Disney World for my family if we didn’t. I don’t even have to drag my tween daughter through it because it’s so much fun to play with the interactive spots. On that note, I’ve got two words for you: hand sanitizer. 😉
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