A Walk Through Sheldon Marsh Nature Preserve in Sandusky Bay

Sheldon Marsh Nature Preserve
a walk through Sheldon Marsh Nature Preserve
On a beautiful summer’s evening, I was given the opportunity to go on a bit of a nature walk through Sheldon Marsh Nature Preserve in Sandusky Bay. With the rest of my group, we met up with Jeff & Debra Herzog, experts at birding and all-around nature lovers. After a few minutes’ introduction to the world of birding, Jeff & Debra lead the way on a mile-long stroll through the preserve. 
sheldon marsh deer
Along the paved pathway, Jeff & Debra were highly skilled at listening to nature to discover the wildlife that surrounded us. We were taught to stop, listen, and the best advice, how to give directions to another when you’ve spotted a bird or animal in the tree canopy!
We were only walking for 5 minutes when we came across this little guy. He was racing out of the woods, frolicking in the tall grasses. His mother was standing behind him watching us watching him. When we discovered each other, I don’t know who was more surprised- the fawn or our group!
Sheldon Marsh Nature Preserve boardwalk
Throughout the walk, Sheldon Marsh has beautiful walkways to stop and take in nature. This one showed off the beauty of the only remaining example of a Great Lakes coastal wetland. The beauty of the tall grasses swaying the breeze and the sunset was truly a sight to behold. 
sheldon marsh
I really should have taken a few video clips of the marsh at sunset, but I was so captivated by its beauty I was lucky to get the few pics I have. 
lily pads at Sheldon Marsh Nature Preserve
I love this photo of lily pads that had grown in height from the increased water level When the level receded, the lily pads were left high and dry above the water. They will eventually make their way down to the top of the marsh, though. 
tall grass in sheldon marsh
Another great example of the tall grass swaying in the breeze. It was so calming standing on the boardwalk platform and just listening. 
duck floating
We spotted Mallards, turtles, woodpeckers, and other sweet creatures during our walk. 
Sheldon Marsh Nature Preserve beach entrance
And our reward for an hour trek through the wetlands and woods? Well, this view speaks for itself. 
Sheldon Marsh State Nature Preserve is 460 acres of beauty and its proximity to Sawmill Creek Resort is within walking distance if you are a guest. I loved the leisurely walk and learning about nature from a Great Lakes standpoint. It’s definitely nice to visit theme parks, but it’s very nice to visit peace and quiet in a nature setting. 
And now the technical stuff: I was hosted by Lake Erie Shores and Islands to bring you fine folks the scoop on Sheldon Marsh State Nature Preserve. They certainly didn’t ask me to state a particular point of view, and my opinions are all my own.
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