A Bird’s Eye View of Manhattan with a Unique Wood Watch by JORD

Unique Wood Watch by JORD: Hyde Watch at top of the Rock in Manhattan

Mr. Locke’s style has always been impressively classic with cool, modern touches. So, we hit the Big Apple to get a bird’s eye view of the city with his new Jord Hyde wood watch. Here’s why he’s loving it, wears it everyday, why you’re probably pronouncing the name incorrectly – and a giveaway!

Unique Wood Watch by JORD: Top of the Rock Manhattan
Have you been to Top of the Rock in Manhattan? Photo Credit: Karyn Locke

Disclosure: Jord graciously provided Mr. Locke with a Hyde Ebony & Iron watch in exchange for this post and a giveaway. All opinions are our own! #jordwatch #jordwatches


I’ve known my husband since high school and, while his sense of style is now more mature, he’s still that same kind of guy. While his shoes have gone from Chucks to Frye boots and his t-shirts to vests and jackets, he’s always loved classic pieces with a touch of trendy.

So, heading up to Top of the Rock in Rockefeller Center gave us the perfect view for checking out Manhattan, the city that will always remain classic melded with modern. It was Mr. Locke’s first visit to the Observation Deck and, even on a frigid, January afternoon, it’s stunning. Breathtaking, even.

Jord: Are You Pronouncing it Right?

At first glance, Jord looks like it should be pronounced exactly as it’s spelled. Nope! How to pronounce Jord watches is “yode”. I was told it’s just like Yoda from Star Wars without the “a”. Yes, it took me a minute to keep reminding myself of the correct pronunciation.

Unique Wood Watch by JORD:
Jord Hyde Ebony and Iron Men’s watch. Photo Credit: Karyn Locke

Jord Hyde Ebony & Iron Men’s Watch

So let’s chat for a second about how Jord wood watches have the same melding of classic styling with modern touches by using his Hyde Ebony & Iron watch as an example. First, it’s the style that caught his eye. The watch offers a large face with traditional two hands. But the modern kick is the fact it has a second’s dial.

And, instead of a metal or leather band, it’s ebony wood with iron touches. Add in the date feature and it’s classic with that modern twist that he’s all about in probably the best wood watch brand around.

Mr. Locke’s first noticed the watch’s craftsmanship. It’s a conversation piece, if I can be so bold. I own a Jord Cora with Zebrawood and Turquoise and, everytime I wear it, someone always compliments me on its beauty.  Next, it was how light it is. Jord offers custom sizing so his fits beautifully and is very light on the wrist – a feature you won’t have with all-metal watches. If you want to take a step up with customization, it can be engraved, too.

Then, we started digging into what goes into the creation on a Jord Hyde watch. If we weren’t already impressed with its look, the CITIZEN MIYOTA GP11 battery-powered movement, sapphire crystal glass face, and water resistance only add to its beauty.  

Unique Wood Watch by JORD: Hyde Ebony and Iron
Every JORD watch offers beautiful craftsmanship – and a guarantee of sustainability! Photo Credit: Karyn Locke

Jord Wood Watches Sustainability

Another reason to love Jord wood watches is its dedication to sustainability. For example, all the info you need on the ebony wood used to create Mr. Locke’s Hyde watch is readily found on the Jord website.

Unique Wood Watch by JORD: Hyde Watch shipping package
Even the packaging for a JORD wood watch is appealing. Photo Credit: Karyn Locke

Jord Wood Watch Giveaway

Because we dig his Jord wood watch so much, and want you to have one of your own, I’m giving away a $100 discount on any Jord watch on its website. Everyone who enters will receive 10% off just for trying! If you’re on Instagram, you can get an additional entry for following via the link below, too. Sweeps ends on March 18th!

All you have to do to be entered is click HERE! 

Sweepstakes ends on (insert date) and the winner will be notified by email. Good luck – and happy styling!

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