How to Not Be An Annoying Guest at Disney Parks

How to NOT be an annoying guest at Disney parks: crowds

Are you headed to Walt Disney World or Disneyland and want to brush up on your theme park etiquette? Or maybe you just want the scoop on what not to do when you’re in the parks? Here’s how to NOT be an annoying guest at Disney parks. Are you headed to Walt Disney World or Disneyland and want to brush up on your theme park etiquette? Or maybe you just want the scoop on what not to do when you’re in the parks? Here’s how to avoid the side eye and NOT be an annoying guest at Disney parks. 

How to NOT be an annoying guest at Disney parks: don't run.
Pandora – The World of Avatar in Animal Kingdom is super popular and everyone’s trying to get to the same two spots. Do yourself a favor and don’t run. Photo Credit: Disney Castmembers.

Walt Disney World is my happy place, but it would be ridiculous of me to think that everyday I visit will be the perfect day. Yes, I know the castmembers really do try their best to make each day the best it can be, but there are days when I have to literally shake my head at park guests and their annoying habits. So I complied a list of things not to do when you’re in the Disney theme parks to make the other park guests’ experiences pleasant. 

  1. Throw Away Your Trash
  2. Don’t Run
  3. Check Your Surroundings
  4. Mind Your Line Manners
  5. Fastpass Manners Rule
  6. Transportation Queues
  7. Queue Up Early
How to NOT be an annoying guest at Disney parks: throw away your garbage.
There are garbage cans every 30 feet in Disney parks. Use them. Photo Credit: Karyn Locke

1. How to Not Be An Annoying Guest at Disney: Throw Away Your Trash

Here’s a quick story about Walt Disney and trash. When he was looking into building Disneyland, he actually researched how far park guests would carry their garbage before throwing it on the ground. The answer: 30 feet. So, when you visit, check out the garbage cans (that Walt actually revolutionized with the two top doors) and you’ll find each to be 30 feet or less from the next. 

The moral of the story: throw away your trash in a garbage can and not the ground. Also, you won’t find gum for sale in the Disney parks to avoid the awkward moment of stepping in some. 

2. How to NOT Be an Annoying Guest at Disney Parks: Don’t Run

This is probably my top tip: don’t run, especially at rope drop! Not only do you risk injuring yourself, it’s against Disney parks policy. Look, we’re all trying to get to the same place at the same time – guests that run scare me. 


3. How to Not Be An Annoying Guest at Disney: Check Your Surroundings

Checking your surroundings when you’re in a Disney park is probably my top suggestion for not being a jerk. Not only will you avoid running into other park guests, you may just spare yourself some injury. 

On my family’s first trip to Walt Disney World, created the catch phrase “getting Disneyed”. What does it mean, exactly? It’s stopping dead in a walkway without looking behind you and causing a pileup of people that have to stop quick or slam into someone else. 

It’s also the famous alligator walk. You know what I mean: walking from left to right to left to right and cutting people off while you’re doing it. Not only does it make the guests behind you unsure of their next steps, it can cause an accident or injury should someone bump into someone else. 


4. How to Not Be An Annoying Guest at Disney: Mind Your Line Manners

A couple of things to mention here. When it comes to queuing up at a Disney Park, remember there are thousands of others doing the same thing. 

So, keep all of your touring crew together before you get in line. Of course, there are exceptions: no one will scoff at having to take your child to the bathroom when the line is an hour long, you know? 

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how to NOT be an annoying guest at Disney parks: Fastpass manners
If you’re not sure how to use a Fastpass or park entrance turnstile, brush up on your skills before you visit. Photo Credit: Karyn Locke

5. How to Not Be An Annoying Guest at Disney: FastPass Manners

The FastPass+ system is not perfect, but it’s getting much better, happily. In the beginning of its roll out, there were plenty of time mistakes in the My Disney Experience app, but they are fewer these days. 

But, when it comes to locking down Fastpasses, there are manners that go along with them. I, personally, like to take screenshots of each day’s FP+ selections to have on hand just in case there’s a glitch. 

Did you know there’s a five minute before and after your FastPass time window? Yep. Say your FP+ selection is from 1pm-2pm. You actually have from 12:55pm through 1:05pm to still be on time. Try to scan your band anytime before or after that and you’ll be holing up the queue.

If you’re certain there’s a glitch, you can always show your FP+ schedule in your My Disney Experience app as proof. 

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6. How to Not Be An Annoying Guest at Disney: Transportation Manners

I was just in Manhattan last week. We rode the subway every chance we got, too. Personally, I love the hustle and bustle, but it can get stressful when I’m trying to get off a subway car and folks in a hurry are trying to jump on the same car at the same time. 

During peak travel times, Disney transportation can be just as crazy. Do yourself, and the folks around you, a favor. Wait your turn. Don’t try to board until everyone trying to get off has finished. 

7. How to Not Be An Annoying Guest at Disney: Queue Up Early

This is not a rant, I promise. It’s all about keeping everyone happy. 

If you really want to see a show or parade, the best way to get a good view is to queue up early. So, if it’s three minutes before and you’re looking for a place to park yourself, don’t get upset the you’re in the back. 

Also, please don’t push your way to the front. There are folks that have waited an hour or more for that primo place and may not be willing to share. 

Let’s take Magic Kingdom parties as an example. If I had to name a favorite, it’s Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. And, I’m not the only one. Disney keeps adding more parties to each season every year to accommodate the Halloween love. The party shows and parades are super popular and we’ve actually locked down a great spot in The Hub area around Cinderella Castle at least two hours in advance. Right before the parade, folks wanting to party until the last minute raced to the same area to get a viewing spot, pushing and shoving their way through. 

Moral? Be kind. Be nice. You want a good viewing spot? Grab it early. 

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  1. Good tips Karyn. Being mindful of your fellow guests seems to be the cure to the foolishness we see sometimes at parks.

    1. Thanks, Ryan! It never hurts to brush up on theme park skills.

  2. I love the title of this article! LOL! It’s funny because there so MANY ANNOYING people out there that are JUST SO UNAWARE of their surroundings. Great post! If only everyone in the world were thoughtful and kind – what BLISS!

  3. Carolyn B

    Also, please don’t hold up your cell phone to record a show or fireworks. Good grief! We’ve missed out on watching some shows because so many people were doing this we had to watch their cell phones to see anything.

    1. That’s a really good one – or tablet!

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