Can You Really Save Money with SodaStream One Touch? A Full Review

Can you save money with SodaStream? Make it yourself lemon water

Thinking about purchasing a SodaStream but still on the fence? Are you wondering if it’s actually cost-effective enough to purchase? But, most importantly, can you really save money with SodaStream Fizzi One Touch? Here’s answers to your important questions. 

Can you save money with SodaStream One Touch? Make at home lemon water
The SodaStream Fizzy One Touch tarter kit comes with the unit, one CO2 canister, and a one liter reusable bottle. Photo Credit: Steven Locke

My family loves drinking carbonated water. And, in our kitchen cupboards and pantry, we don’t really have a ton of space to store bottles of it. Plus, there’s the fact that I’m a recycling fool and don’t like to purchase plastic bottles if I don’t have to. It’s actually spared my cupboards and has saved me money. Here’s the scoop and a full review of my SodaStream Fizzi One Touch.

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What Is SodaStream Fizzi One Touch?

In a nutshell, SodaStream Fizzi One Touch is one of the brand’s latest models. It’s also a way to make carbonated water at home. Using a small CO2 canister, it infuses regular tap water with carbon dioxide to make three levels of carbonated water. The unit carbonates a liter of plain water at a time. There are three carbonation levels, too.

What else? If you’re not a giant fan of plain, carbonated water, SodaStream offers concentrated liquids that can turn your water into different soda styles and flavors. Okay, that’s the 15-second explanation. If those were the only reasons to make me a believer, I’d still be sold. 

But wait! There’s more! I always wanted to write that. 

SodaStream Fizzi One Touch and its other styles actually made me feel better about all of the plastics that we use everyday. It saves me from buying bottles of fizzy water and then having to recycle them. It also saves shelf space in my cupboards. 

Can you save money with SodaStream One Touch? Additional purchases including lime concentrate and root beer soda flavoring.
Addirtional purchases for SodaStream One Touch: Lime and Root Beer flavorings plus additional bottles. Photo Credit: Steven Locke

What Does the SodaStream Fizzi One Touch Come With?

I’m reviewing the SodaStream Fizzi One Touch starter kit ($119.99 on the SodaStream website). With it comes the plug-in unit, one CO2 canister, and a one liter Slim Carbonating Bottle. It also comes with a two-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee. Note: the SodaStream Fizzi One Touch starter kit doesn’t come with any beverage flavors, so you’ll need to order them on amazon or look for a department store that carries them. I found mine at my local Walmart. 

Can you save money with SodaStream One Touch? Three carbonation intensities.
Three carbonation intensities with SodaStream One Touch. Photo Credit: Steven Locke

How Does the SodaStream Fizzi One Touch Work?

The concept is super simple. Screw the CO2 canister into the unit, plug it in, snap the bottle into place, and press one of three buttons at the top to carbonate your water. I’ve been using the least amount of carbonation for my water and enjoy it plenty. Of course, I’ve never been one for super high carbonation that burns my throat a ton, so I love the ability to customize. 

Can you save money with SodaStream One Touch?
Photo Credit: Steven Locke

Is the SodaStream Fizzi One Touch Easy to Use?

Once you know how to use it, yes. For my kit, there was a catch, though: it didn’t come with written directions. I checked both inside the box and the box itself. Several times. 

It’s definitely not a deal breaker, but I do like to have directions when I’m using a product for the first time. but, like most strong-minded folks, I tried to figure it out on my own before looking for online assistance. Honestly, the only issue I had was figuring out how to lock the carbonating bottle into place. The first several times, I ended up with water all over my counter. 

So, I began scouring the internet for usage videos and really couldn’t troubleshoot that way. So, I reached out to my pr contact at the company and she suggested a video on how to use. It turns out that I had to pull the lever completely forward until it clicked, add the carbonation bottle, and push it back completely until it clicked again. 

Problem solved. 

Can I Carbonate Drinks Other Than Plain Water?

Highly not recommended. I didn’t try it, but the official website says it’s a big no-no. Carbonate the water first and then add the flavors, folks. 

Also, if you do try to carbonate any liquids other than plain water, and the machine becomes defective, all warranties and and money’back guarantee become invalid.

Can you save money with SodaStream One Touch?
Photo Credit: Steven Locke

How Long Does the Carbonation Last?

If you use the appropriate SodaStream Fizzi One Touch bottles, and seal them tightly, up to two weeks. Also, use plain water that’s been refrigerated for the best possible sparkling water. I, personally, use plain, filtered water because I don’t like the taste of my tap water. 

I’m constantly hitting the highway, road tripping all over the US and Canada. Given the amount of space that the unit takes up, I could absolutely see the portability and taking it to hotel rooms to use. I mean, why spend $4.00 and up for a bottle of water at Walt Disney World when I can pack the unit in the backseat and make my own, right?

The Million Dollar Question: Can You Save Money with SodaStream Fizzi One Touch?

You know, I’ve read both yes and no. It depends on whether you regularly like to drink brand name soda versus store brand. If you want a unit for carbonated water alone, then yes. If you begin purchasing SodaStream concentrated soda flavors, it’s a wash. Of course, there are other flavor concentrates on the market that are less expensive. Also, you don’t HAVE to use the flavored drops at all. I like to cut up a piece of lemon or lime and squeeze into my glass with some ice. I have an Opal ice maker that I’m obsessed with and the combination of both encourage me to drink more water. 

Here’s why I dig it: less plastic waste. It’s that simple. I’m a huge proponent of recycling: my family of three has a single bag of garbage per week. Everything else gets recycled. Honestly, that’s reason enough for me to use SodaStream Fizzi One Touch. I also think that, by filtering my water ahead of time (I’ve heard that bottled sparkling water uses plain, non-filtered tap water), I’m helping my health. So, even if the cost is a wash, I’m cool with the even keel cost. 


Disclosure: I was gifted a SodaStream Fizzi One Touch by the company to give you fine folks the scoop. All opinions are my own!

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  1. So cool Karyn! I saw this in New Zealand for the first time, about a year ago. Loved it and enjoyed a sweet carbo beverage a few times. We added fruit juice for homemade soda.

    1. Thanks, Ryan! I really love the convenience and the amount of plastic bottles that I no longer need to recycle. Adding in fruit juice is a great idea – I’ll give it a go! What’s going on in your neck of the woods? Planning any visits to The States?

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