Comparing Pittsburgh’s Providence Point to Luxury Travel

One of the apartment kitchens in Providence Point.

Providence Point in Pittsburgh is lovely, there’s no way around it. And, when it comes to senior living, it’s top of the line. So, exactly  how does it compare to luxury travel (and why would you want to live there)? Here’s the scoop on Pittsburgh’s Providence Point and why I may have found a five-star, all-inclusive resort in the city. 

Providence Point: common areas
Just one of the common areas in Providence Point.

I’m in no hurry to retire. Having written that, having an opportunity to check out the latest in senior living piqued my curiosity. And when I heard about all of the on-property activities, dining, and care it provides its residents, I couldn’t help but compare it to an all-inclusive resort. So, I asked to visit Providence Point in Pittsburgh and check out everything, including a sneak peek at its latest residences, Hamilton Tower. Are there absolute comparisons to an all-inclusive? You bet. 

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Providence Point In a Nutshell

In a tell-it-to-me-like-I’m-five style, here’s Providence Point in a nutshell. Providence Point is a high-end, gated, luxury senior living property for folks aged 62 and older. Featuring apartment/condo style living areas, that you get to completely customize from walls to wood to flooring, you’re basically getting a gorgeous, new home. You’ll also have the complete confidence of knowing you can leave behind the worries of home upkeep, while gaining all kinds of benefits and services upon moving in.

There is an entry fee (which can be 0, 50 or 90% refundable) and as a resident, you have access to all levels as needed. Monthly fees range from $2100 to about $5000 depending on the LifeCare agreement you choose. When you compare the costs to an all-inclusive resort, that’s very reasonable. Most of the utilities are paid as well (gas, water, electricity, water and sewer, trash, basic cable, internet and recycling).

Dining at Providence Point ranges from casual to luxury.
Dining at Providence Point ranges from casual to luxury.

While that might sound scary, it’s not. In fact, it’s completely the opposite. Included in the amount you pay are dining stipends, onsite activities, an housekeeping assistance. If you become ill, there are additional areas, including skilled nursing, onsite. The only time you’d ever have to leave is for trips, hospital visits, or outings. On my visit, I heard a fun story about a resident that didn’t even own a heavy coat because she didn’t need it. In Pittsburgh in winter? I’m all about that.

The chapel at Providence Point.
The chapel at Providence Point.


Truthfully, you’d never have to leave indoors, if you so choose. All of the buildings are connected, and each has underground parking. You also may take your pet/pets when you move in. Of course, there are limits (100 pounds of pet per residence. That could mean two 50-pound dogs, etc.) to its pet policy. And, there are areas where pets are completely off-limits for residents that prefer it. 

What you don’t get is the hassle of snow removal, home upkeep, major appliance purchases, and lawn maintenance. 

Curious? I was, too.

The women's locker room at the spa in Providence Point.
The women’s locker room at the spa in Providence Point.

Providence Point Amenities

I’m calling them amenities, just as I would any onsite perks of staying at a luxury property. Here’s what’s included for residents:

  • Indoor pool with daily activities
  • Library
  • Dining options ranging from casual to formal
  • Housekeeping
  • On-property medical care
  • Spacious, well-appointed living quarters. Prices are dependent on floor plan and decor that you choose (700 square feet to 4,000 square feet)
  • Pets allowed
  • 24/7 medical emergency assistance
  • Underground parking
  • Outdoor patios and gaming areas (think bocce ball and the like)
  • Daily activities and events (card games, tech classes, movies, and outings) that change depending on season and month
  • Non-denominational chapel
  • Spa 
  • Fitness center
  • Beauty salon
  • Educational, cultural, and religious life programs
  • Memory support
  • On-property bank (Dollar Bank)

Think of a five-star property that you’ve visited recently. The amenities look very familiar, don’t they?

Library at Providence Point.
Library at Providence Point.

Providence Point’s Hamilton Tower

I had a chance to get a sneak peek of Providence Point’s latest, Hamilton Tower. Upon completion (timeline looks like it will be summer 2019), the five-story, 70 apartment building will offer 10 new floor plans. It will also offer the same perks, too. 

Beauty salon chairs at Providence Point.
Beauty salon chairs at Providence Point.

When I checked out an actual Providence Point apartment, I was so pleasantly surprised. Truthfully, it reminded me of a DVC property at Walt Disney World. Immaculately clean and beautifully-laid out, each comes with all the major appliances you’d need. You can also choose one- or two-bedroom apartments, just like Disney Vacation Club. 

At this point, Hamilton Tower is right around 80% sold, it’s so popular. But, there are still apartments to choose from. 

A bedroom in a show apartment at Providence Point.
A bedroom in a show apartment at Providence Point.

Residents of Providence Point

There are several residents that have been bitten by the travel bug, I’m happy to write. And while I’d have loved to chat with them all, I had to get a rain check – they were traveling!

But, I did have the pleasure of talking to a gentleman that calls Providence Point home. Yes, we talked about travel (of course!), and about his favorite locations, but we also talked about why he loved being a Providence Point resident. His answer was simple: he knew he and his wife would be taken care of in every stage of their lives. He also appreciated the fact that he could close his apartment door behind him when they travel and not have an ounce of worry. 

As a gal with a family, and a home with pets, it’s definitely not that easy for me. I have to rely on family to house sit and check in on the cats while we’re away. I also have to make sure both security systems are working property for that added level of safety. This gentleman and his wife? He has no worries when traveling. 

That aspect I love. 

Apartment bathroom at Providence Point.
Apartment bathroom at Providence Point.

Need More Information on Providence Point?

If you’d like more information on Providence Point, here’s how to get in touch for appointments and details:

Official Providence Point Website:

Address: 500 Providence Point Boulevard, Pittsburgh, PA 15243 

Phone: 412-489-3550


Disclosure: Thanks to the fine folks at Providence Point for letting me tour the property to give you the scoop on what makes an ideal retirement community. All opinions are my own!

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