Primanti Bros. and Mrs. T’s Pierogies: A Match Made in Heaven

The Polish Hill Sandwich from Primanti Bros. featuring Mrs. T's Pierogies - The Strip District location.

When it comes to Pittsburgh sandwiches, Primanti Bros. makes everyone’s short list. They are the quintessential working man’s sandwich, afterall. But when Primanti’s comes out with a special edition version? I can’t help but be intrigued. The latest style, The Polish Hill, features kielbasa and Mrs. T’s Pierogies. Here are four reasons to love  Primanti Bros. and Mrs. T’s Pierogies Polish Hill Sandwich!

If you ever tried a Primanti Bros. sandwich, you know the basics. Two thickly-sliced pieces of Italian bread, meat, savory cole slaw, tomatoes, and a handful of French fries. But sometimes Primantis throws a(tasty!) wrench into the mix, AKA a special edition sandwich. Partnering with another Pennsylvania favorite, Mrs. T’s Pierogies, its latest is The Polish Hill. Here’s the scoop on why I’m digging it.

1. Because The Polish Hill Sandwich Is an Tribute to a Pittsburgh Neighborhood

There’s a fun saying about Pittsburgh: it’s all about Pierogies and Pasta. The pasta comes from its thick, Italian heritage (have you ever tried Pierogi Lasagna or Savory Pierogi Bruschetta?). And the Pierogies? It’s compliments of its Polish heritage.

If you’re not familiar with Pittsburgh and its neighborhoods, Polish Hill is an location that’s only a few blocks away from Primanti Bros.’ flagship location in The Strip District.

The Polish Hill Sandwich from Primanti Bros. featuring Mrs. T's Pierogies.
Watching The Polish Hill from Primanti Bros. get made. Check out those pierogies! Photo Credit: Steven Locke

2. Because Kielbasa, Sauerkraut, & Pierogies Should Have Always Been on a Sandwich

It’s a brilliant concept, adding kielbasa, sauerkraut, and Mrs. T’s Classic Onion pierogies to a sandwich. Add provolone cheese, Primanti Bros. beer mustard, slaw and tomato, and you’ve got a Polish cuisine-inspired beauty of a sandwich. 

Think about what I just wrote. Primanti Bros. actually swapped out French fries for Mrs. T’s Pierogies. I seriously cannot recall a time when fries have been omitted, but it’s really fun that they have. You’ll still get your fill of potato – but this time it’s Classic Onion Pierogies.

The Polish Hill Sandwich from Primanti Bros. featuring Mrs. T's Pierogies.
Sitting around the table at home with The Polish Hill from Primanti Bros and my family. Photo Credit: Karyn Locke

3. Because The Polish Hill Travels Well

If it’s one thing I know, I know that Primanti Bros.’ sandwiches travel VERY well. Living outside of Pittsburgh I have been known to bring food home to my family. Whether it’s a weeknight meal or the star of your next weekend get-together with friends, it’s super easy to grab a couple sandwiches and go!

The Polish Hill Sandwich from Primanti Bros. featuring Mrs. T's Pierogies.
The Polish Hill at Primanti Bros. featuring Mrs. T’s Pierogies.

4. Because Good Things Never Last

Just like a good Polish Festival, it’s only around for a short time. The same goes for The Polish Hill. Your last chance to grab this delicious sandwich is next week! So polka your way to a location soon. 

Before You Order

The  Strip District Location is open 24 hours a day, but most locations around Pittsburgh have set hours. Please check online before you visit.

Another fun tip to know: have cash in hand, most locations don’t take credit cards!

Primanti Bros. restaurants in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland and Michigan only are carrying The Polish Hill.

Cost for The Polish Hill – $8.69.

Ever heard of pierogies on a sandwich? Here's why we're loving the new Polish Hill at Primanti Bros.! #ThePolishHill #MrsTsPierogies #PrimantiBros #Pittsburgh #LOVEPGH

For More Mrs. T’s Pierogies

Here’s how connect online with Mrs. T’s Pierogies and its 15 varieties:





Disclosure: I partnered with Mrs. T’s Pierogies to give you the scoop on what makes The Polish Hill so delicious. All photos are my own!

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