6 Must Know Things about Phantom Fright Nights 2017

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Sure, I’ve started celebrating Halloween since the beginning of September (I need at least two full months of the holiday fun!) and last weekend was no exception. A visit to Kennywood Park’s Phantom Fright Nights was just what I needed to really ramp up the Halloween fun! From the haunts to the scare zones, here’s what you need to know about Phantom Fright Nights 2017 – and how to save $10 on tickets.

Phantom Fright Nights 2017

You know I’m one to never resist a good Halloween scare, so a visit to Phantom Frights Nights opening weekend was my idea of a great way to spend a Saturday. And, nearly every year we have the pleasure of checking out what’s new at PFN and what are the classic haunts for the event. This year, there’s plenty of good scares, great haunts, and fun. for us, the best way to highlight our fun was with a YouTube video featuring opening weekend at Phantom Fright Nights.

The Phantom at Phantom Fright Nights 2017

1. Cost for Phantom Fright Nights 2017

I can honestly tell you that Phantom Fright Nights in Pittsburgh, PA,  is the most affordable bang for your buck. Ticket prices are $33.99 at the gate, which isn’t bad to begin with. Happily, I’ve got an even better way to save $10 off the gate price. Through this link, tickets are only $23.99 for Phantom Fright Nights 2017. I promise, I’m making zilch on this deal. You can also head to the official website and use the Promocode: SandandSnowPFNBlog17. You’ll get the same great deal.

2. Dates for Phantom Fright Nights 2017

This year it’s pretty much the same as always:

Fridays and Saturdays from September 29 – October 28 6 p.m. – Midnight
Plus Sundays October 8 & 29 6 p.m. – 11 p.m.

This event at Kennywood Park is not recommended for kids under the age of 13. Truth, I did see much younger children, so you’re going to have to make the call on how easily your child scares. If you still want to visit Kennywood for Halloween with the wee ones, this is the first year for Happy Hauntings

Gory Park at Phantom Fright Nights
The sign for Gory Park, a walkthrough scare zone at Phantom Fright Nights. Photo Credit: Steven Locke

3. Where to Get Scared – The Haunts

This year there are three scary walkthroughs that don’t requires you to queue up. At all.

Fear Fest 

The Festival of Fear is a walkthrough with a demented circus theme. The clowns and other creepy characters love interacting with guests and the jump scares are plentiful. Kennywood location: Kangaroo

Gory Park 

Think zombie apocalypse meets theme park. Again, plenty of jump scare opportunities – and plenty of screams from guests. Kennywood location: Lost Kennywood

Death Valley 

Saddle up, partner, for the creepiest show in the Wild West! This one’s pretty small, but it’s definitely not lacking in fun. My favorite part? The photo opportunities. Ask to be put in the old outhouse for a cool pic. Kennywood location: Ghostwood Estates

Entrance to Phantom Fright Nights 2017

4. Haunted Houses and Walkthroughs


Every time my husband visits Biofear, he comments that it’s like the modern day video game “Half-Life” come to life. The theme is a government genetics facility gone awry. Put on lock down, your goal is to find a way out.  Kennywood location: Pavilion 23 (near Log Jammer)

Mortem Manor

In its 14th season at Phantom Fright Nights, Mortem Manor takes over Parkside Cafe. It’s the Mortem Family estate you’ll be escaping – and there’s tons of opportunities for screaming in this one. Kennywood location: Parkside Cafe

Villa of the Vampire

Watch out for the fangs! “The Master” has taken over the Penny Arcade and has brought his brood with him. Tuned into a vampire lair, your goal is not to become The Master’s next feed.  Kennywood location: Penny Arcade

Voodoo Bayou

This is my favorite haunt in all of Phantom Fright Nights. “Raging Rapids” is drained and turned into a creepy bayou, complete with kooks and spooks. This one is super popular and doesn’t open until dusk to amp up the creepy. Kennywood location: Raging Rapids

Dark Shadows

Think of a house with no windows or light and you’ll have the premise of Dark Shadows. Opening at dusk to ramp up the pitch black look and feel, you’ll only think you’ll feel something breathing down your neck. To find your way out, keep an eye to the sky on a clear night for peeks of light. Kennywood location: Pavilions 15 – 16 (behind Kiddieland)

Kennywood Cemetery

Another walkthrough that opens when the sun goes down, Kennywood Cemetery is beautifully lit and filled with creatures of the dead – or undead. I really like this haunt and found the actors to be so talented and immersed in their roles.

Kennywood location: Near Dancing Waters

vButch Patrick Phantom Fright Nights 2017
Butch Patrick, Eddie Munster from “The Munsters” offers meet and greets the first two weekends of Phantom Fright Nights 2017. Photo Credit: Steven Locke

5. Butch Patrick from “The Munsters” Celebrity Meet and Greet

If you’re planning a visit to Phantom Fright Nights during the first two weeks of the 2017 season, make sure to say hello to Butch Patrick, Eddie Munster from “The Munsters”. I definitely had a fan girl moment meeting him during our visit. He’ll be greeting fans from 6-9pm and is such a cool guy! If that wasn’t enough, he brought his two dragsters from the tv show and they’re beauts.

The Carousel at Phantom Fright Nights

6. How to Get to the Front of the Haunted House Queues Faster

There’s two ways to get to the front of the haunts queues faster – but you’ll have to pay for them.

  • The Seven Deadly Haunts Pass
    This pass grants its holder front-of-the-line access to each haunt once. Pass can be used at any time on date designated on voucher. Cost: $20. Available online (must be purchased 48 hours in advance) and in-park.


  •  Unlimited Haunts Pass
    Purchase the Unlimited Fear Pass to get unlimited access to each and every one of the Phantom Fright Nights haunts. Pass can be used at any time on date designated on voucher.  Cost: $40. Available online (must be purchased 48 hours in advance) and in-park.

Truth? We had the Unlimited Haunts Pass and loved them. Not kidding. Considering the event opened at 6pm, we were completely through all of the haunted houses and scare zones in 2 1/2 hours. What did we do with the leftover time? We went back through our favorite ones. If you think all you’ll need is one go, a Seven Deadly Haunts Pass is a really good idea, especially for Saturday nights. The lines were quite lengthy from opening to close.

What are you looking forward to most for this year’s PFN? Please let me know in the comments section below – and Happy Halloween!

Disclosure: Mr. Locke and I were given complimentary tickets and passes to Phantom Fright Nights 2017 to give you fine folks the scoop on what makes it so great this year. All opinions are my own!

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