Do Banquet Mega Bowls Pass the “Hangry” Test?

Banquet Mega Bowls Buffalo-style Chicken Mac 'N Cheese

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When I’m in a hurry to make dinner, it’s straight to the freezer I head. Many times, I’m waiting until literally the last minute to try to pull a delicious meal together, especially when we’ve just walked in the door from traveling. It’s times like these that I’ll reach for frozen meals, but not just any. My family wants quick and easy, yes, but they want tasty and filling, too. Last weekend, I put Banquet Mega Bowls Buffalo Chicken Mac ‘N Cheese variety to the “hangry” test. Did it pass? Here’s the scoop.

Banquet Mega Bowls Buffalo-style Chicken mac 'n cheese

Banquet Mega Bowls Ingredients

For the Buffalo-style Chicken Mac ‘N Cheese variety, the package describes the meal as “buffalo style seasoned chicken breast and shredded mozzarella on top of macaroni in spicy cheddar cheese sauce”. Did it live up to its claim?

You betcha. On a spicy scale of 1-10, I’d give this one a 4. It wasn’t too spicy to taste the cheese sauce and chicken, but spicy enough to give some heat.

Let’s talk about the chicken breast for a second. In general, my encounters with frozen chicken has been mundane at best. This time, I was pleasantly surprised. The chicken’s texture was really good. And by good, I mean it was tender and flavorful. It didn’t taste like chicken that has been overly-processed but didn’t have the texture of grilled. That’s a gold star in my book.

I asked Mr. Locke what he thought about the mac ‘n’ cheese. Truth? He puts hot sauce on macaroni and cheese every time he eats it. His thoughts? It tastes exactly how it should with just the right amount of spice and heat.


Banquet Mega Bowl Buffalo-style Chicken mac n cheese close up

Does it Look like the Photo on the Box?

I know, maybe you think it’s an odd question, but one that I always like to know the answer to. Does Buffalo-Style Chicken Mac ‘N Cheese look as good on a plate as on the package? Kind of. In the frozen package it comes in, yes, it does look like it – until you have to stir it midway through heating in a microwave. If you use a conventional oven to heat, it’s much more so as you’re not stirring the chicken around.

Honestly, at the end of the day it doesn’t matter a whole lot because I’ll ending up stirring it no matter what the heating method. It’s just one of my curiosities answered, that’s all.


Banquet Mega Bowl Buffalo-style Chicken Mac 'n cheese

Do Banquet Mega Bowls Pass the “Hangry” Test?

In a word, yes. Here’s why: while there’s plenty of food in the package, it’s the amount of protein that gave me the feeling of being satiated. 31 grams of protein, to be exact.

Combine that protein with its creamy, hearty texture and spicy flavor and I’ve got myself a winner. I also didn’t hear Mr. Locke asking for more food.


Banquet Mega Bowl Buffalo-style Chicken ingredients

If I’m chatting calories, there’s 460 in the Mac ‘N Cheese style. To me that’s decent for an entire meal. And there’s a bonus kicker: each meal is proudly made in the USA. I can definitely get on board with that, too.

Other Varieties of Banquet Mega

While I do dig the Buffalo Chicken Mac ‘N Cheese, there’s plenty of other varieties to choose from in the Banquet Mega Bowls and Mega Meals lines:

  • Chicken Fajita Mega Bowl
  • Steak Mega Bowl
  • Fried Chicken Mega Bowl
  • Buffalo Chicken Mega Bowl
  • Backyard BBQ
  • Salisbury Steak

If I’m chatting calories, there’s 460 in the Mac ‘N Cheese style. To me that’s decent for an entire meal. And there’s a bonus kicker: each meal is proudly made in the USA. I can definitely get on board with that, too.

Banquet Mega Bowl Buffalo-style Chicken Mac n Cheese at Walmart

Cost and How to Save Even More

At the time this post was written, my local Walmart is offering Banquet Mega Bowls for $2.18. Use Ibotta? You can earn $0.50 off one Banquet Mega Meal or Banquet Mega Bowl. That’s well under $2 per meal. Nice!

In a Nutshell

So, exactly what is my final verdict? I’m elated to write that I’ll be keeping Banquet Mega Bowls in my freezer much more often. They’re perfect for a delicious meal that takes less than eight minutes to heat (if using the microwave) and offer the protein that my family craves.



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12 Thoughts to “Do Banquet Mega Bowls Pass the “Hangry” Test?”

  1. I’m not big on boxed Mac & cheese but I do love banquet’s chicken pot pies. Such an affordable brand for someone on the go.

  2. Wow, that’s a lot of food in that little bowl. When I’m hungry this seems like the perfect amount of food to fill me up.

  3. Shannon

    These look amazing. Ultimate comfort food! I’ll look for this next time at the grocery, thanks!

  4. Banquet mega bowls should be in everyones freezer for a lazy day.
    I am sure I will have a packet or two of these in my freezer! They looks delicious!

  5. TColeman

    I have not seen these mega bowls before. These would be great to heat up for dinner when we were in a pinch.

  6. Sounds like an affordable, easily attainable way to have a quick meal during busy rush days. And yes, I can totally relate to just grabbing something out of the freezer when arriving home from a trip!

  7. It does look delicious. Although I have to say it looks even better on the box. I wonder if they did something extra to brown the chicken, or they just put it on top of the mac and cheese without blending it in.

  8. Courtney

    Omg can we say yum?!?! These bowls look absolutely delicious!!!! I will have to pick a few up next time I’m shopping

  9. patricia a moore

    I tried the Fried Chicken Mega Bowl and was really dissapointed. The chicken wastough not tender and maybe 4 or 5 little pieces, not like your commercial which shows about ten pieces on top. Sorry two thumbs down on this one.

  10. patricia a moore

    Oh I see you only post favorable comments!

  11. Patricia Roe

    Mega bowls are awesome. I’m on a disability budget an i wanted to try them It was very filling. An right for my grocery budget. I highly recommend these for people who has a limited budget but needing a filling meal. Great job Banquet

  12. Tammy

    These mega- bowls are without a doubt the very best frozen meal I’ve ever had I had the jalapeño and chicken one. Even the chicken didn’t disappoint me. But what was so amazing it’s the best macaroni and cheese I’ve ever tasted homemade or not. I will continue to buy for sure

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