Simple Ways to Make Road Trips Fun!

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My family? We’re seasoned road trippers. We spend hundreds of hours every year on the road and I relish the time. And, while it’s mainly sunshine and roses, there are times when the hours become barely tolerable, particularly when we can’t take anymore radio tunes or playing “I Spy”. It’s those times that we look for easy ways to keep ourselves happy and occupied, and over the years we’ve come up with some good ones. Here’s my favorite simple ways to make road trips fun.

road trip tips and tricks

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Immerse Yourself in a Good Book

Amazon Audible


This one is great for folks that are taking a backseat – literally! Like I wrote earlier, there’s only so many hours of happy chatter before a road trip can become old hat. It’s then we like to go for a good book, but many times the lack of space makes us leave them at home. My solution? Audiobooks! Yes, there are plenty of apps to download but I love all things Amazon (Prime Member shout out!) and am digging Amazon Audible right now. If you want to test drive the app, there’s an Amazon Audible one month free trial to make sure you like it before you commit to the monthly fee. Oh, and you can download audiobooks on all types of tech, too: iPhones, Amazon Fire, iPods, and MP3 players. Don’t worry, Android users, Audible works on them as well.

The books on Audible are such amazing quality that, when I’ve got your ear buds in and am truly immersed, I forget the world around me and can really imagine myself in that book. The performances are fantastic!

Once your free trial is over, the monthly fee with cover things like downloadable books and Audible Channels offering short programs. And, while it’s pretty perfect for road tripping, think of all of the other places you can use the app: at the gym, on the beach, heck, even in your nightly bubble bath if you’re like I am.

Keep Your Car a Well Tuned Machine

It goes without saying that the safer your car is on the road, the safer you’ll feel when road tripping. By keeping your vehicle in tip top shape you’ll avoid common road tripping hazards. Make sure you check, and top off, your engine’s fluids frequently (each fill up is ideal), check the tire pressure with a reliable gauge, and make sure each tire’s tread is withing proper boundaries.

Keep a Road Safety Kit in the Trunk

t-rex duct tape

A road safety kit doesn’t have to cost a fortune but should have items like a tire gauge, jumper cables, Fix-a-Flat, and the like. Then there’s things you may not think you’ll need but should have on hand just in case. I like to keep a few clean rags (for checking oil and cleaning windows and spills), bottled water, and a first aid kit. One item you may not think about is duct tape, like T-Rex Ferociously Strong Tape. Its three layers can hold things together in a pinch, including a suitcase with a broken zipper or even patch up a broken window. Trust me, we’ve had that happen. Bonus: T-Rex is weather resistant, too.

Snacks on Snacks

Chops Beef Jerky

I can’t even count how many times we’ve just hit the road and I hear, “I’m hungry. When are we stopping?”

It’s these times that have made me learn a lesson about stomachs: even when you’ve just eaten, if you’re stuck in a vehicle for hours you’re bound to need a snack or two. High protein snacks like nuts, cheeses, and dried meats work wonders until our next meal. While I’m talking dried meat snacks, CHOPS Beef Jerky is super delish. It’s made from USDA Choice and Select beef brisket and has two styles that I really dig: Original and Sweet & Spicy. Looking to add some to your road trip snack stash? You can find it at Amazon and other grocery stores like Albertsons and Fairway.

If you’re already hankering, take 20% off your first order with Code 5CHN79Z7Q1BE at

Game Time!

Cube-tastic Game

If you have younger kids, you know the whole “I’m bored” talk when you’re road tripping. So, save yourself the “When do we get there?” convo and pack a few toys the kids haven’t seen yet to keep them occupied. A fun, and space-saving, one is Cube-tastic! from pai Technology. Created for kids aged five and over, a free downloadable app paired with a colored cube promotes problem solving skills and memory. Think the old-school toy Rubiks Cube with an app kicker. And, right now, Cube-tastic! is offering 15% off!


Grab Some Comfort Food

IHOP 59th anniversary

When I’m at home, I do try to eat on the healthier side. But when we’re traveling, I like to have a caloric splurge! So, when it’s time to eat, I want tried and true restaurant favorites – and that includes IHOP! My daughter has grown up visiting the chain compliments of its fluffy pancakes, and as a gal that can’t recreate the recipe at home (trust me, I’ve tried!), we really enjoy visiting IHOP for a plate full of them.

And, if you’re on the road (or anywhere near one) on July 18th from 7am to 7pm, IHOP is practically giving away orders of its pancake short stacks to celebrate its 59th Anniversary for only 59 cents. You can bet we’ll be there to help them celebrate!

Headed out on a road trip but afraid it's going to be a drag? Here's our favorite simple ways to make your next road trip fun - and safe!

What’s you favorite way to keep the fun going on road trips? Please let me know in the comment section below!

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