Front Porch Decorating Ideas: from Flop to Fiesta!

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I’ve neglected my front porch for years. I mean, years. Does that make me a bad home owner? Nope. Is the fact that I’ve kept my front porch bare a complete waste of family space? Yup. But, no longer. I’d finally had enough of walking in and our of the front door and thinking, “One day I’ll spruce it up.” and set this summer as a goal. I turned my front porch from a complete flop to fiesta in only a handful of easy (and budget-friendly!) steps. Here’s front porch decorating ideas to make you want to use yours, too.

Consider Your Budget First

Before I even decided what style of front porch decor I wanted to use, I had a talk with Mr. Locke. We both came up with a budget that we felt wouldn’t break the bank and would give us a good starting point to begin looking for furniture and decorations. If you check out the before photo, you’ll see that there was literally nothing on the porch so we were able to start from scratch. Sometimes one of us would drag a fold-up lawn chair from the garage and sit on it for a few minutes but, other than that, we never used it. It’ was a shame, really.

Front Porch Decorating Ideas after night

Start with the Big Pieces and Work Your Way Down

I knew that whatever furniture we chose would end up being the focal point of the front porch. And it needed to be sturdy and pretty to look at. I also knew I wanted neutral porch furniture so, if and when we did decide to change the theme, we’d only have to change the decorations and things.

When you begin hunting for porch furniture, start looking at prices online to get an idea of what you’ll be spending. Then, start hitting your local stores to compare prices. I thought I’d found a good patio table and chairs online with a decent price and was ready to lay down the cash. It was only then that we made an impromptu trip to our local department store and found the perfect table and chairs – for half the price of the online set! Nutshell? Do your research before you commit.

Front Porch Decorating Ideas bbq grill

Considering just what we’d mainly use our newly-decorated space for was given consideration, too. Our front porch is large enough to accommodate a table and chairs plus a small barbecue grill and a side table so I was thinking family dinners and get togethers would give the space a ton of use.

Front Porch Decorating Ideas table decor

Keep Your Theme in Mind When Purchasing Decorations

My “front porch fiesta” theme started out as a joke. I was chatting with my husband and teen daughter about how I wanted the porch to look when it was all finished and I remember commenting that I wanted it be colorful, welcoming, and make us WANT to spend time there. “Like a front porch fiesta!” I proclaimed. If I’m being honest, I’m sure I snapped my fingers and rolled my “r”s when I said it, too.

Front Porch Decorating Ideas top down table

And it was from that point that I began to visualize what a front porch fiesta would look like. It should have bright, primary colors. And it should have twinkly lights hanging from the ceiling, like when you go into  the Mexico Pavilion at Epcot.

Front Porch Decorating Ideas tablescape bold colors

So, The Kid and I began to hunt for pieces that fit the bill perfectly. We found colorful tiki torches to fill with citronella oil to keep the mosquitoes away (my family are mosquito magnets!) first. Next came bright placemats and napkins that were affordable and would make a pretty tablescape. I also thought about what we already have that we could repurpose so I kept our white dishes and silverware in mind to use for dinner parties.

Once those were locked down, I wanted to use brightly-colored glass somehow on the table. It was a pure fluke that we found reusable colored glass bottles in a small store – perfect for individual Italian sodas, flavored waters, even iced tea.

Front Porch Decorating Ideas Enbrighten Cafe Color Changing Lights

Splurge on One Item

There’s no denying that I love anything bright and sparkly. Heck, my family calls me “the moth” as anything fitting that description will catch my eye! And, as I mentioned above, I really wanted strings of overhead lights that would brighten up the porch at night and give it that fiesta look that I wanted.

Here’s where my two sets of Enbrighten Seasons Color Changing Café Lights came into play so beautifully. Each string is 24-feet long and can be strung together easily (we only have two outlet son the porch so the less plugs, the better.) He laid out the strings, measured, and hung them in no time at all. There’s 12 break-resistant bulbs per 24-feet string, so I had plenty of color and sparkle. Light strings can be combined up to 750 FEET and the lights are dimmable – two more benefits!

Front Porch Decorating Ideas Enbrighten Cafe Lights remote

Another bonus to the Enbrighten Café Lights? Not only do they offer a lifetime LED guarantee, the color combinations are programmable! Meaning? I can change the colors with the touch of a button or two. Sure, I could go with a single color, but I wanted fiesta so I used a preset color & effect mode that not only gave me all of the colors, it gave me a twinkling effect. Perfect! And there’s a bonus, too: combine strings and one remote works for them all. When the fiesta’s over and there’s a holiday coming up I can change the color mode to match my holiday decorations. Have I mentioned I really like to theme out holidays?


Easy Add Ons

While there is a timer built into the remote, an easy add-on accessory is a myTouchSmart Outdoor Timer. All I have to do is plug my Enbrighten Seasons Café Lights into it, make sure the current time is set, and then pick on and off times. Once that was set I chose the color combination that I wanted and let them work beautifully together. When the lights do go off at my set time they’ll come back on with the same color combo that I last chose.

Does your front porch need a makeover? Here's super easy tips and suggestions for turning your porch from flop to fiesta!

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