Easy Recipe: Pot Roast Poutine

Pot Roast Poutine Easy Recipe

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Pot Roast Poutine Easy Recipe

If there’s one thing I know about my culinary inclinations I know I’ve got the best of both worlds. As a gal that was born in Canada but moved to the states when I was young, I was able to pick up foodie cues from both my Canadian-born mother and American-born father. It’s this melding that gives me inspiration to meld the two cultures’ dishes together. This time I’ve taken an American favorite, pot roast, and added it to a Canadian culinary delight, poutine. This recipe for Pot Roast Poutine is perfect for those nights that you have roast leftovers and want to spice up your menu. And the best part? The recipe works as a savory, decadent side dish or make larger portions and have it as a main meal.

Pot Roast Poutine Easy Recipe

Ingredients for Pot Roast Poutine

While you can add spices to your tasting, this basic recipe is pretty perfect the way it is.

  • Cooked Pot Roast, cut or torn into small, bite-sized pieces.
  • Gravy from the post roast juices
  • French Fries
  • Cheese Curds

Here’s how easy it is to make. If you’re making the pot roast exclusively for this dish, you’ll need to cook it a few hours beforehand. I like to use a slow cooker to make the pot roast and then make the gravy from its juices in the pot.

Not sure how to make gravy? Here’s a quick tutorial. Add the roast’s juices to a medium-sized pot on the stove. Mix equal parts water and flour or corn starch to make a thin paste. Wait for the juices to come to a boil. Slowly add in the flour/corn starch mixture a little at a time until you get the consistency you like. Voila!

Ok, back to the pot roast. I, personally, like using pot roast leftovers, so mine’s been in the fridge for at least a day. I like to cut the roast up into small pieces on day one and add it to the gravy so there’s only one container in the fridge. I’ll take it out and heat it up over the stove in a medium-sized pot on medium heat until the meat is heated up and the gravy has thinned and is just boiling.

As for the French Fries, you can either make your own by cutting up potatoes or using frozen ones. Don’t worry, I won’t judge. And it’s also your call as to whether you like to oil fry them or bake. I like to oil fry mine.

Pot Roast Poutine Easy Recipe

Plating Pot Roast Poutine

The dish is so family-friendly that I don’t go overboard with plating – the simpler the better in my book for this one. Add the hot French Fries first, add cheese curds to top of dish, then top with the pot roast and gravy. Again, it’s totally your call as to how many curds you’d like to use. We’re cheese lovers in this house so we like to add several.

Feel free to add salt, pepper, hot sauce, you name it. I like the dish as is, but you can make it your own by customizing the spice level.

Pot Roast Poutine Easy Recipe

What Goes with Pot Roast Poutine?

As this is a decadent, hearty dish, my family likes to cut straight through it with a nice, cold beverage. And, since we tend to just share the dish on a large plate, we share the love and Share an Ice Cold Coke. Sure, we each have our own faves (Mr. Locke adores the classic flavors of Coca-Cola™. My step daughter? She loves Coca-Cola Cherry.).

Share an Ice Cold Coke at Giant Eagle

And here’s what I think is a hoot: Coke is back with its “Share a Coke” program! There’s 1,000 new names (including both first and last names so I may have a chance of finding mine. Thanks, Mom, for the unusual first name spelling.

Looking for a creative recipe for leftover pot roast? Our Pot Roast Poutine uses only four ingredients, is hearty and delicious, and makes a delicious side dish or main meal!

When we headed to Giant Eagle to grab the Pot Roast Poutine ingredients, my 15-year old daughter and I check the “Share a Coke” display to look for our last name. Fingers crossed we find it! I love our Giant Eagle Market District (looking for one in your area? Here’s a store locator.). It just received a new makeover and is such a pleasure to visit. Not only can I find ingredients that I may not find at other grocery stores, I love its new layout. It’s so pretty!

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