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DOSH app

I’m just like the next shopper: if there’s a way to save money while shopping I’m all for it. I recently discovered DOSH, a cash back app and am finding all kinds of ways to save some serious cash. Here’s how DOSH helps save money on travel, dining, and shopping.

DOSH app cash back

If there’s one thing I like, it’s saving money. I always look for the beast deals on travel, clothing, dining – you name it. And honestly, I’d be even better at it if I didn’t have a constant time crunch going on right now. So, Mr. Locke, the travel points hacker that he is, introduced me to what I like to call no-nonsense cash back. Translation? It’s simple, no-brainer ways of getting cash back. Turns out the DOSH app is one of those no-brainer ways to score cash back. All I had to do is create an account, connect a credit card, and get saving. I’ve only been using DOSH for less than a month, but here’s my favorite ways so far.

Once I’ve saved $15 or more, I can transfer those extra funds or, a fun way to give back, donate to my favorite charity. 

Local Savings

DOSH finds local savings on restaurants, which I love. I thought about it, and I’d be likely to try a new restaurant in my area if there was a bit of a cash back perk. The app looks for participating restaurants and lists them. And, while you can get up to 7% cash back by using the app when you dine, link a credit card that offers points and you’ll have an even bigger savings.

DOSH app travel chas back


Travel Savings

Once I added the app to my iPhone and created a new account, it was really easy to start hunting for savings. As a gal that practically lives out of a suitcase these days, the aspect of the app giving me cash back for travel intrigued me. It defaults to my local area (I used Pittsburgh, PA), but it’s super easy to edit it for any city. It clearly shows what the DOSH rate is for each participating hotel and how much cash I’ll get back when I book.

Another perk is the ability to check competitive prices on Priceline, Orbitz, and other lodging sites by clinking “Compare for Yourself”. I can also finalize booking details right through the app with the CVV number on my stored credit card. Again, link and use a card that has cash back and/or points and you’ve got even more savings.

Online Savings

Head to the Offers tab at the bottom of the DOSH app home screen and you’ll see a link titles “Online Offers”. It’s there you’ll find plenty of ways to score cash back – up to 7.5%. Just a quick scan and I found cash back offers for Lord & Taylor, Ray Ban, GAP, CVS, Big Lots!, Nike, and WalMart. Right now there;s only a handful of online retailers that offer 7.5% but even the 3% offer from WalMart will add up. So, shop as you normally would with the provided link and you’ll see savings start to roll in.

What DOSH Doesn’t Have

Here’s what I am really digging about DOSH – what it doesn’t have.

  • No UPC Scanning
  • No mail-in rebates
  • No receipt scanning
  • No in-store checking for savings cards
  • No promo codes

Sometimes less really is more.

DOSH app referral code

How Do I Sign Up for DOSH?

If you want to do a girl a solid, head to my DOSH referral link to sign-up and start saving. like I wrote, you’ll need to download the app, create and account, and add at least one credit card.

And curious me, I asked the creators about credit card security for DOSH. It uses top encryption techniques and the businesses that you give your patronism to never receive it so you’re totally safe.

In a Nutshell

I’ve only been test driving DOSH for a couple of weeks and am already seeing savings. I can’t wait to check in with you and share even more great deals. I love the safety of using DOSH and how I can double up on savings by using its app offers plus credit cards tat offer cash back or points.

Full Disclosure: I’m lucky to be an official DOSH influencer and happy to share the perks and benefits of using the app in this sponsored post. All opinions are my own!

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