Four Reasons Why We’re Already Missing Wishes at Magic Kingdom

Wishes fireworks at Magic-Kingdom

There are shows and parades at Walt Disney World that come and go and we don’t bat an eyelash. Then there are those that are so endearing to us that we’ll miss them forever – and Wishes is one of them. Set to retire on May 11, 2017, we’ve loved everything about it since we’ve begun visiting. Here’s reasons why we’re already missing Wishes at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World.

Wishes fireworks show at Magic kingdom

The Soundtrack

Disney sure does know how to pull at our heartstrings and the musical mashup of our favorite songs has always made us teary-eyed.  From the show’s beginning musical number’s lyrics, “Star light, star bright…” brings on the eye showers and gives us hope that dreams can (and do!) come true. The sentimental music took us on a Disney movie journey. Every time. And, of course, Disney Villains had to chime in. What’s a Disney show without a nail-biting moment, after all? Way to take us back to our childhood, WDW.


There’s something about Tink flying through the air from Cinderella Castle and over the hub. all lit up, she reminds us of the Main Street Electrical Parade – another retired staple at Magic Kingdom.

The Fireworks

Even if we weren’t able to score a premium viewing spot in The Hub in front of Cinderella Castle, we could hang out in Fantasyland and be surrounded by the fireworks. Plus, the fireworks were always impressive and it wasn’t even the Fourth of July. If you happened to catch the fireworks show in Fantasyland, it was like daytime at 9pm at night, if only for a brief moment.

The Happy Ending

Disney reminds us that there are happy endings, and Wishes only reinforces it. I love Disney movie and show happy endings and Wishes always gave me hop for them. While we love the fireworks shows at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Epcot, the theme of Wishes is our favorite.


What was your favorite part of Wishes? Let us know in the comment section below!

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