How the Ceva Cat Wellness Line Saved this Crazy Cat Lady’s Sanity

Vex and Bubba Ceva Cat

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There’s no denying I adore my rescue cats. Heck, I write about them, show off photos of them constantly, and love them unconditionally. Having written that, it doesn’t mean they don’t drive me crazy from time to time, especially when there’s a “heated discussion” between two of them or they get a case of fleas even though they never go outside. It’s then I have to intervene with love, additional care, and wellness products to keep both my sanity and theirs. While I may be the ‘Crazy Cat Lady” of the family (and I happily own that title!), I don’t want my furry babies to feel crazed. Enter the Ceva Cat line of products. They’ve seriously saved my sanity these past weeks and I’m happy to report happier kitties in this home.

Trey in window Ways to Spoil your cat

Here’s my two cents on the Ceva Cat BabbleBox products I’ve tried and the benefits of each.

FELIWAY® Multicat

Catego Feliway Multicat

So, I have these two kitties, Bubba and Dilly, and they got along amazingly until one day they both just flipped a switch. They would hiss at each other and snarl those gorgeous teeth and I’d be caught in the middle. I tried positive reinforcement for them, tried to hold them both at once so they would realize they weren’t going to die in each other’s presence – you name it.

I was seriously at my wit’s end and then I read about FELIWAY® Multicat. It’s a copy of the natural appeasing pheromone that mother cats produce and helps to calm cats and kittens. I jumped on the chance to test drive it and, man, am I glad I did. From the first day I plugged in the Feliway® MultiCat Diffuser (it works like plug-in air fresheners but scentless), I noticed a huge improvement between the two scrappers. I used an electrical outlet in our kitchen as I wanted it someplace centralized in our home to get the most benefit.

As I’m typing one is actually on my computer tower looking out the window and the other on my lap. No growling at all. turns out I’m not the only one getting benefit, too. 84% of users have reported a significant improvement in their cats getting along.*

Catego Feliway Wipes Feliway Spray

Where to Find Feliway® Products

It’s available through our veterinarian and you can check to see which vets near you are carrying it. There’s also Feliway® Wipes and Travel Spray, too, for spraying and wiping cat carriers and bedding.  If you love traveling with your kitties, they’ll be much calmer in hotel rooms or homes they’ve never stayed at before. Happy sigh.

Another benefit is the safety and security they’ll feel when I’m traveling. When I’m not at home and Mr. Locke has to work eight hours away from the house, I’m always worried they’re lonely. Problem solved compliments of the comfort the appeasing pheromone gives.


Catego flea tick Control

My kitties never go outside, I’m happy to let them sit in the window to watch the birds. Call me a nervous parent, but I just don’t want anything to happen to them. Having written that, even though they stay indoors 24/7 they still manage to get fleas. I was told by our veterinarian that fleas have built up a resistance to some flea medication that’s been on the shelves for years, so she suggested to change up the medication for the best effectiveness.

The once a month topical treatment has a super easy to use, patented applicator and kills fleas within six hours and all life stages of ticks through contact. Here’s another great benefit to using Catego™ in my home: no two cats are alike. I have them from a fully-grown five pounds up to 21 pounds and I’m able to use the same low-volume formula for each one. Each dose is for cats and kittens over 1.5 pounds and eight weeks of age or older. It’s  currently available through Amazon and veterinarians (and soon PetSmart!) but check the Catego™ official website for locations near you just to be sure.

I Know You Know, But…

Winnie the Cat

It goes without mentioning, if your cat looks sick or is acting oddly, please take it to your local vet. The Catego line of feline products are in no way a medicine to help cure disease. What they will do is keep the fleas and ticks away and help to keep it calm and happy. And while your taking your furry babies to the vet, you can always use Feliway® Wipes and Travel Spray to keep them calm during the ride to and from and the visit. 

How a crazy cat lady saved her sanity with feline hormone therapy! #FeliwayMultiCat #Catego #AD

What steps do you take to keep your cats calm and happy? Please let me know in the comment section below!

*DePorter, T, Lopez, A Ollivier E . Evaluation of the efficacy of a new pheromone product vs. placebo in the management of feline aggression in multi-cat households. Proc ACVB / AVSAB Veterinary Behavior Symposium, Denver, 2014.
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