Four Easy Tablescape Ideas with PerLora

PerLora tablescape ideas tulips

As a gal that takes pride in creating beautiful her own tablescapes, when I heard that news that PerLora on Pittsburgh’s South Side had an entire event surrounding table decor I had to check it out! The cool furniture and home decor spot (think IKEA but much, much hipper!) made it easy for me check out beautifully-decorated tables and imagine them in my own home. They also allowed me to use my imagination and get my creative juices flowing, especially for this coming spring.  Here’s my favorite tablescape ideas from PerLora.

PerLora tablescape ideas window tulips
Photo Credit: Steven Locke

I love creeping on Pinterest for ideas to create gorgeous (and easy!) tablescapes, but sometimes it’s lovely to see a few in person. A trip to PerLora and PerLora Loft on the South Side in Pittsburgh gave me so much inspiration that I just had to share my favorite designs with you! Here’s my four faves:

Fanciful Glass Table

PerLora tablescape ideas Fanciful Glass Table

My first thought? Cinderella castle at Walt Disney World! but, once I began breaking down its components, it was easy to see how anyone could put their own touches into this idea. Take all of the clear glass and crystal you have at home and add in silver flatware and details.

Hipster Gastropub

PerLora tablescape ideas Hipster gastropub
Photo Credit: Steven Locke

When I was young and used to try to visualize my dream home it was always this: black and white with a different pop of color depending on the room. While the pop of color is the succulents in the middle, it was easy to see how this table has a hipster vibe. With basic (and not-so-basic) shades of black, I could easily add in my favorite color to give it my own personal flair. LOVE the weaved newspaper placemats!

Navy and White

PerLora tablescape ideas Navy and White Table
Photo Credit: Steven Locke

As an adult, my absolute favorite color is navy blue. It’s so versatile and, no matter what, it’s a classy color. The Navy and White Tablescape is so fun in that it doesn’t add silver (a common metal partner to navy and white) but instead has pops of gold to really up that classy game. I have gold flatware that was given to me by my big sis many years ago that would work perfectly.


PerLora tablescape ideas Rustic Table
Photo Credit: Steven Locke

When I think rustic, of course a rural setting comes to mind. I think of a gorgeous cabin in the middle of the woods surrounded by tall trees. Living in a city, my home is nothing like that but it is easy to dream. By adding simple touches like metallic wood flatware and tree slices as chargers I could have a rustic theme in a snap.

Special Thanks Goes Out to:

PerLora tablescape ideas Flower design
Photo Credit: Steven Locke

Thank you so much to all of the folks that came out to show us how to do our homes up in style! I had a lesson in flower arranging, home design, and of course, they were all very gracious and kind to Mr. Locke and me.

Perlora tablescape ideas - Blume honey Water and A 519 Chocolate
Photo Credit: Steven Locke

Two of our fave Pittsburgh staples, Blume Honey Water and A519 Chocolate, were there so give us the scoop on what’s going on with each. Blume Honey Water is an amazingly-natural energy drink and I was given great news – the water is headed to Ohio soon! As for A519 Chocolate, they do corporate logos and Pittsburgh-themed chocolate that looks like art!

Looking for tablescape ideas? Here's four easy and elegant ones from PerLora in Pittsburgh

A huge thanks to PerLora, Acrobatique Creative, Blume honey Water, and A519 Chocolate for the kind hospitality!

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