Do You Know the 5 W’s of Spring Break Family Travel Planning?

Spring Break Family Travel

When it comes to Spring Break travel I can tell you when and where to visit, but for me and my family? We stay home! That’s my time to spring clean and prepare for a busy travel season. I’m all about visiting travel hot spots during the low crowd levels, aka off season, but that doesn’t mean that I’m the only one. Sometimes work and school schedules don’t allow for that sort of flexibility and it’s completely understandable. Or sometimes there are folks that love the hustle and bustle of Spring Break Travel hot spots. Remember the five “w’s” in English class? Here’s the answer when it comes to Spring Break family travel. 

Spring Break Family Travel

Spring Break Family Travel: Who’s Planning and When?

A recent 700+ participants took a Spring Break Family Travel survey from TravelingMom, TravelingDad, and Vacatia-  and it says that 47% of Moms have all of the power. While this power trip hopefully turns out positive, that same power leads to blame when something goes wrong! But that does have to be the case:

“We know that moms do much of the planning,” says Kim Orlando, founder of TravelingMom, “But we always recommend sharing the responsibility as much as possible—even with the kids. That means mom doesn’t have to do all the work, and she doesn’t get all of the blame if something goes wrong.”

When it comes to planning, I am not a last-minute planner. I love to have even the teeniest of details locked down. There’s plenty of planners that don’t agree with me, though: 28% will wait until a week or two before their vacation to start planning.

Spring Break Family Travel

Where Are Families Headed for Spring Break in 2017?

It;s fun to go to a new destination when it comes to family travel in my book (although Walt Disney World will always be our “happy place”!),  so it’s no surprise that over 35% of Spring Break planners will be planning a trip to someplace they’ve never been before. 11% of planners are creatures of habit which is fun in my book as well.

What Are Families Spending & When Are They Traveling?

As for budgeting, 13% of those polled will be spending less on this year’s vacation versus previous ones making inexpensive places to go for spring break at the top of the list The biggest challenge to planning isn’t the budget, though: coordinating everyone’s schedules makes the top of the list.

Who’s Going on These Spring Break Family Travel Trips?

First, let’s talk about what “family” is for me. It includes immediate (and not so immediate) family and close friends. You know, those that we like to say are “like family”? Turns out Caroline Shin, CEO and co-founder of Vacatia, gets tuns of requests for “like family” trips that include extended family and friends. In a nutshell, folks want larger places to turn in for the night, and multi-bedroom “resort residences” are right up their alley. For my family, there’s three of us traveling at this point so a giant condo or large suite is merely a luxury, not a necessity.

Now that you’ve got the who, what, when ,where, and why of spring Break travel I’d love to know: are you heading out of town for Spring Break with the kids? Where are you going? Please let me know in the comment section below!


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