7 Places to Celebrate Pi Day in Pittsburgh

Pi Day in Pittaburgh

When it comes to celebrating Pi Day (a salute to the never-ending ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter), my family gets on board every year. My hilarious husband even bought me a t-shirt  from Think Geek with the mathematical symbol on it as a gift. When I think pi, in this foodie family I automatically think pie that’s either sweet or savory, so I asked local foodies where they’d go to celebrate Pi Day. From the delicious desserts to tasty Italian staples, here’s seven fun places to celebrate Pi Day in Pittsburgh and vicinity.

Apple Pie for Pi Day in Pittsburgh

Dick’s Diner

Dick’s Diner on Route 22 in Murrysville is as old-school as you can get – and that includes the pie. Folks rave about its Coconut Cream variety and even strop in to get a slice to go. The diner serves comfort food and the prices are unbeatable – you can get a three course meal for $15 or less.

The Pie Place

Head to South Hills Village Mall for over 40 varieties of pie at The Pie Place. Ingredients are purchased from local vendors and if you want a side of ice cream to go with your slice, it’s from Betsy’s Homemade Ice Cream in Mt. Lebanon.

Grant Bar and Lounge

Another local favorite, head to Grant Street for a slice of its delicious coconut cream pie. The restaurant easily sells 24 pieces on a good day and the pies are never over 24 hours old.

Eat ‘N Park

Sure, Eat ‘N Park is known for its Smiley cookies, but Pittsburgh folks love it for its pies, too. You’ll see the large case as soon as you walk in the door, and seasonal pies are extra tasty.

Pi Day in Pittaburgh

Church Brew Works

In Pittsburgh, pie goes for the pizza variety as well. One of the most creative pizza makers is Church Brew Works in Lawrenceville. A full-on salute to the Yinzers, CBW’s Pierogie Pizza is delicious. Yep, cheese and potato pierogies on top of a medium-thick crust (think somewhere in between NY and Chicago styles).

Slice on Broadway

Voted the Best Pizza in Pittsburgh, you’ve got three locations to dive in: Beechview, Carnegie, and PNC Park. Its Margherita Pizza is famous (the classic combo of fresh mozzarella, tomato slices, and fresh basil) but there’s 14 other styles to choose from.

Aiello’s Pizza

In the Squirrel Hill area, make sure you’ve got cash in your pocket because this old-school spot doesn’t accept credit cards. There’s both traditional and gourmet styles at Aiello’s, and the kids will love watching the pizza dough tossed by hand.


If you want more information about our big city, there’s plenty of amazing resources on Visit Pittsburgh!

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