Revel + Roost in Pittsburgh: Casual Dining with Flair

Revel + Roost exterior

In my book, there’s nothing wrong with  celebrating Valentine’s Day, family style. Actually, there’s everything right about it. On Valentine’s Day Eve, we headed into Pittsburgh to sample Revel + Roost’s Prix Fixe menu – and oohed and ahhed over every bite. Here’s our dining experience in photos.

Revel + Roost dining area in Roost
Photo Credit: Steven Locke

Revel + Roost, the in-house restaurant for Hilton Garden Inn at Market Square, has such a fun concept. Its two-story space is party on the bottom floor (Revel), business casual atmosphere on the top (Roost). We had the pleasure of taste-testing Roost’s Valentine’s Day menu and found it not only creative, but the atmosphere simply lovely. The Prix Fixe menu was refreshing in that it gave at least two choices for each of the courses (four for the entree!), and there was something for everyone – myself included.

First Course: An Appetizing Start

Such a good start! The appetizer course was filled with fun, hearty options. From salad to game, we had no trouble narrowing down a selection. Food for thought: each was made to share, but if there’s an indecision at the table, the kitchen happily makes smaller plates. And they did just that for us.

Revel + Roost Quail
Photo Credit: Steven Locke

The Pan Roasted Quail was plated beautifully, for starters. Hudson Valley New York foie gras, strawberry balsamic reduction, spicy cress, and a crispy socca chip completed the plate. Mr. Locke’s take? The quail was cooked perfectly and the vinaigrette complimented the cress beautifully. The strawberries gave a nice, sweet ending.


Revel + Roost Winter salad
Photo Credit: Steven Locke

If you’ve hopped around the blog and checked out our restaurant reviews, you’ll already know that I tend to play it safe in regards to menus. Happily, I’ve got two other family members that love to try everything so I’m covered. While a Winter Harvest Salad may sound normal, it was anything but. Candied baby beets on tangy herbed goat cheese, fingerling potatoes, candied walnuts, and a walnut vinaigrette made the dish so hearty and perfect for February.

Second Course: The Main Event

Revel + Roost Duck
Photo Credit: Steven Locke

This plate’s a stunner. Pan Roasted Duck Breast, spinach puree, crushed potatoes in olive oil, glazed thumbellina carrots, and sour cherries brought a traditional way of cooking duck to life.  The duck was cooked perfectly (amazing texture!) with a spicy, crispy skin. The spinach puree was mild and offered a nice textural compliment. The potatoes were simple (salt and butter) and really nice.

revel and roost petite filet surf and turf
Photo Credit: Karyn Locke

This one was right up my alley. A Petite Filet, surf and turf style with three “surf” options – scallops, shrimp, or crab meat. I chose the shrimp (The Kid loves them!), and dove right into the filet. It’s lovely when a restaurant will cook a cut of meat the way you want it (I enjoy “medium” when it comes to red meat. I know, it should be medium rare. No judging.) and it was just the way I liked it when it came to the table. Add green beans that were not mushy nor overly-crunchy and seasoned mashed potatoes and I was a girl in heaven. The steak was seared beautifully and there was just a hint of black pepper to enhance its flavor.

Third Course: How Sweet it Is!

Revel and Roost restaurant Red Velvet Cake
Photo Credit: Steven Locke

With such a decadent holiday to celebrate, we had to try both desserts. If I was choosing a winner based on plating alone, the Red Velvet Cake would win hands down. Once you start digging in, I quickly learned that there’s not only the look of it to admire. Red velvet cake topped with cheesecake mousse, wrapped in edible white chocolate was just how it should be: decadent and creamy. If that wasn’t enough, one beautifully-placed chocolate truffle was an amazing ending to my delicious meal.


Revel + Roost dessert chocolate
Photo Credit: Steven Locke

As for the Coffee + Rum Cake? It was like enjoying tiramisu in the sweetest, little chocolate coffee cups. Nice touch, R+R. There was only a subtle hint of rum (Mr. Locke’s a rum lover!) and the chocolate was lovely and sweet with a bitter finish.

In a Nutshell

Revel + Roost sign
Photo Credit: Steven Locke

Revel + Roost has an awesome location in Market Square, a fun, palette-pleasing Valentine’s Day menu, and an atmosphere that’s absolutely lovely. R+R  restaurant serves lunch and dinner daily and, whether you like to have a more lively atmosphere or business casual dining is your bag, there’s something on the menu for everyone.

Looking for Pittsburgh restaurants with a lovely atmosphere and creative menu? Revel + Roost in Market Square makes our short list.

Disclosure: I, along with my family, was happily hosted by Revel + Roost to give you fine folks the scoop on what makes it a great dining option for couples and family. I was not asked to state a particular option. All opinions are my own!

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