February 2017 Ipsy Bag: First Impressions and What’d I Get ?

IPSY February 2017 Bag Denim

I’ve been hearing about the ipsy bag subscription for over a year. This month, I broke down and subscribed to the $10 service so I can get a cute bag filled with products delivered every month. So, my first bag comes with a ton of questions on my end. Was it worth it? What products did I receive? Will I actually use them? Here’s my first impressions and product photos for the ipsy February 2017 bag.

IPSY February 2017 Bag contents

If you’re an ipsy subscriber, you know each bag can probably have a product or two you may have heard of, one that you’ve already tried, and a couple that you know nothing about. That’s what piqued my curiosity! I know ipsy caters to each subscriber and sends products based on what you like most and I really like that. Here’s all six products for this month including thoughts, practicality, and photos.

SOO AE Facial Masks

IPSY February 2017 Bag contents Facial Masks

I’m such a sucker for facial masks. On a recent trip to Manhattan to check out the New York Times Travel Expo we headed to China Town and I found the coolest Asian beauty store filled with them. There’s no denying I left the store with my hands full of facial masks to test drive so this month’s ipsy subscription was already scoring major points for me.

LUXIE 514 Blush Brush

IPSY February 2017 Bag contents Luxie Blush Brush

I’ve heard great things about LUXIE but have never tried any of its brushes. This one, the 514 Blush Brush, is super soft and I’m loving the color. Having written that, I don’t think I’d actually use it for blush. It would work for light contouring or a blush topper for me so I’ll add it to my brush stash and give it a go.

LUNA Highlighter in Calypso

IPSY February 2017 Bag contents Luna Highlighter

first impression? This does not look like a proper highlighter color to me. It’s a mauvey, gray tone and I think it would dull my skin. What I would use it for is a pretty eyeshadow or corner highlighter, though.

Elizabeth Mott Whatup Beaches Matte Bronzer

IPSY February 2017 Bag contents Whatup Beaches highlighter

Ok, this color is so lovely and I seriously can’t wait to try it – but it’s so small! I know this photo is massive so you can’t see the scale but it’s maybe the size of an American dime? Yeah, I’ll have to use this one very sparingly.

NYX Butter Lipstick in BLS29 Lifeguard

IPSY February 2017 Bag contents NYX Butter Lipstick

Right off the bat, this is a gorgeous color. While I love my high-end makeup, I’ve been hitting the shelves on the other side of Ulta lately to find more affordable products to add to my collection. This color swatches beautifully, but I was surprised that it comes off as a deep berry because in the package it looks like a cool red.

What’s I get in my first ever ipsy bag subscription? Here’s my first impressions and thoughts in photos for February 2017.

My overall impression? I loved the denim bag, for one. And, you know what? I definitely plan on using all of these products – there’s none I’ll pass on. Can’t wait for March 2017!


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