2017 North America Travel Bucket Wish List

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I’m so blessed that I get to call my #1 passion a career – travel! And, while most days there’s at least one moment when I have to stop and pinch myself, there are still so many places that I’d love to travel! So, while I’m dreaming about where to go and what to see, I thought, “Who better than to share my 2017 travel bucket wish list with than you?” There’s a few that are super close to my home in Eastern Ohio/Western Pennsylvania and a few more far from home. And even a few more that you’ll may raise an eyebrow or shake your head at, but bear with me as to the reasons why – you might want to consider a visit, too.

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San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio is a city that I had the pleasure of visiting when I was much younger and still in school. My eldest brother retired from his military service and resides in the gorgeous, Texas city and I remember only slight blips of what it has to offer. I’d love to head back and check it out as an adult, see the Alamo and River Walk, and really see what it has to offer visitors and residents. Did I mention there’s underground caverns that I would do the happy dance in? Yep, those, too!

Detroit, Michigan

Believe it or not, I’ve driven through Detroit on my way to visit a few Michigan cities this year including Frankenmuth and Midland, and compliments of the its improvements and family-friendly atmosphere, the city is on my radar as a family trip. Not only is the city hockey crazy (did I mention Mr. Locke lives and breathes the Pittsburgh Penguins?) but there’s several renowned museums and a farmers’ market that’s worthy of a visit when the weather is mild. Ticking things off the Detroit Bucket List is right up my alley.

Long Island, New York

Last summer I had the pleasure of meeting a few Long Island residents during our visit to Blogger Bash NYC and while we waited in line for THE Ride NYC the ladies passionately told us all about how beautiful the NYC borough is. Filled with foodie offerings that would make any gastrotourist happy, I’d love to visit in person and really delve into what makes it worth a visit.

Boston, Massachusetts

I’m a huge lover of historical travel, and American history is just so darn fascinating! Boston is jam-packed with museums, historical parks, and historical trails. If those were the only reasons to visit, I’m happy to jump in the car and drive nonstop. But, happily, there’s so much more. Bay Colony boat tours, casinos, and spas are only just a sprinkling of the magic dust that makes visitors flock to Boston.

Salem, Massachusetts

If you’ve read the blog before (thank you!), you’ll probably have read that we’re massive Halloween fans. Along with the historical aspects of the city of Salem, the October events are so worthy of a visit. Combine American history & Halloween together? That’s my idea of an ideal spot.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle is not a flash in the pan in regards to touristy travel. The rainy city is filled with so much culture and music that it’s been on my bucket list for some time. The resident folks are kind to visitors and the views from just about anywhere in the city are so picturesque visitors keep a constant look through their camera viewfinder. Pike Place Market and Space Needle are two of a thousand spots that are on my radar.

The Greenbrier

If you remember the tragic flooding in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, a shining star in all of the tragedy was the The Greenbrier and how it treated its stranded visitors and guests. Instagram photos and videos showed the caring employees and crew showed kindness in the face of destruction – and that’s reason enough for me to want to visit to thank them in person.

French Lick West Baden, Indiana

Southern Indiana is home to French Lick West Baden – a spot that I’ve wanted to visit since learning about the area last year. French Lick Resort is a premier resort for both couples and families and its surrounding areas are filled with leisure and sporty activities to make every visitor have a customized visit.

New Brunswick, Canada

Yes, I am an American citizen, but I was born in the province of New Brunswick. It’s another one of those places that I have but only a few memories of (we moved away when I was very young) and I’d love to compare my memories with reality by visiting the spots I remember including St. Martins, Square and the Market, the Reversing Falls, and even the pebbly beach and caves that I remember exploring.

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Burlington, Ontario

Full disclosure: I have visited Burlington but only when the temps were super cold and we had to limit our visit to indoor activities and skiing. This time, I’d love to visit during the summer months to see what the Ontario city has for its visitors. I’m sure a boat ride on Lake Ontario, an outdoor walk through the Royal Botanical Gardens, and trip to a restaurant or two would allow me to see the city in its green, flowery goodness.


There’s no denying the beauty of Cuba. Flipping through hundreds of online images, the island beauty is a spot that I’ve wanted to travel to since I was a child. The music, the culture, and, of course, the cuisine area create a mix of perfection. And, while we’re chatting about beauty, Havana and its lovely history is a city I’d love to explore at length.

Looking for places to visit for 2017? From historical to foodie, here's the North American cities that are on our radar!

Did any of our 2017 hot spots make your travel bucket list for 2017? Please let me know in the comment section below!

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