Drawing Disney Icons with Disney Art Studio Kits

Disney Art Studio kit

Any chance my teen daughter gets to draw she’ll drop what she’s doing and grab her art supplies. She plans on pursuing art in college, she’s that passionate about it. When it involves drawing iconic Disney images? I never have to ask twice! She put two styles of Disney Art Studio kits to the test and the results might surprise you- they certainly did me!

Disney art Studio kit

What’s in a Disney Art Studio Kit?

Between the two that she test drove, there’s variations in project books and styles. The classic version is more geared to either boy or girl compliments of the classic, bold Disney colors. Of the two styles, this one was definitely right up The Kid’s alley. Filled with tutorials for classic characters including Mickey, Pluto, Daisy, and even a few Disney Villains, there’s quick intros into each character to give the feel and vibe of it. The coolest part of this project book?

There’s tutorials for both Early Mickey and Minnie as well as present day. If you’ve followed the characters you know how every few years their faces change, even if only very subtle, but it’s still fun to note.

Disney Princess palace pets art studio

The Disney Princess Palace Pets Art Studio kit is definitely geared towards girly girls. There’s cutesy styles of Disney pets with fun stories incorporated into them so young artists have a bit of a background to get down the style and feel of the character.

Each kit comes with a 128-page project book, three watercolor paints, two paintbrushes, a mixing palette, one drawing pencil, seven colored pencils, a fin-line marker, a classic sharpener, and a kneaded eraser. My teen was definitely impressed with the eraser! The project books are super impressive as the first pages give insight into each kit’s art supplies and how to properly use them. There’s also basic instructional pages so kids (or adults!) are in the dark as to shading and painting.

Disney art Studio kit

If there’s a couple of additions I wished it had was more steps for each character. You get only seven steps to draw a perfect character which, for even advanced child artists, seems like it’s too few. Too bad there wasn’t a DVD included to fill in the gaps. I’d also have liked to see a few sheets of paper included- there’s only a random page or two that was left blank on purpose to sketch on.

Disney Art Studio Kits Put to the Test

Disney Art Studio kit

You know what’s fun sometimes? Dangling some Disney art bait in front of your artist teen.

Just kidding, but I did ask her to wait until her school work was done before she test drove the classic kit. A huge fan of Mickey Mouse, she grabbed her water color notebook and began sketching away.

Disney Art Studio kit

In no time at all she was mixing the watercolor paints to get the right colors. There’s no black paint (one of her “I wish it had” comments about the kit) so she made her own. No kidding. Proper mixing of the three primary colors gave her black!

The age range for the kits are ages 5-12. Personally, I’d shy on the side closer to to the top age as there’s some pretty intricate drawing involved.

Worth the Cost?

For my 14-year old, definitely. She loved the quality of the art supplies and the tutorials (she’s been drawing her whole life so the abbreviated tutorials were fine). The packaging was really sturdy and the book is super high quality.

So what can you expect to pay for each kit? That depends on where you want to purchase it, literally. They sell anywhere from $14.99 to $27.00 so do your research online before you commit to buying.

Disclosure: We received both Disney Art Studios kits for the purpose of this review. All opinions and photos are property of Sand and Snow!

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