Products that Are Making Our Lives Easier this August!

August favorites

It’s a given that we love trying new products- and we especially love sharing the results with you! From holistic skin care to toys that make our creative sides come shining through, here’s the products that are making our lives easier (and funner!) this month!

Accell Power Products

Accell Power surge protector

You know how there’s those new products in your life that you don’t know how you managed without them? That’s how I feel about Accell’s Power Products. The PowerSquid® Surge Protector and Power Conditioner with 600 Joules of surge protection looks exactly how the name implies and is perfect for those larger plugs that don’t play nicely in a traditional power strip plus protects all of our electronics from surge issues. The Powramid® Power Center and Surge Protector is perfect for sitting on The Kid’s desk and keeps all of her e-devices charged and ready to go without having to reach below and behind where she sits to plug and unplug, not to mention it looks really cool and saves a ton of space. And, my favorite of the lot, the Powramid® Power Center and USB Charging Station has 1080 joules of surge protection, six outlets, and even USB ports so I can keep all of my important electronics, e-devices, and laptops in one safe spot- no more hunting the house wondering where I left my plugs!

Boiron Calendula Cream

Boiron Calendula Cream

Earlier this month I had a vicious rug burn on the side of my leg (let’s just say I’m a klutz!) and could not find and relief. I tried ice, burn cream- you name it. Nothing helped. Then I remembered I had a tube of Boiron Calendula Cream compliments of blogger Bash NYC and gave it a go. Seriously, five minutes after I applied it the burning went away. After about a week there was no scar, no nada. I’m truly sold on its effectiveness and the fact that it’s all natural. The company also has Arnicare cream for sore muscles and strains and, while we don’t want to have to use it, you can bet it will be first on my list if it does.


Sea Buckthorn SeaWonders

Ever heard of Sea Buckthorn Oil? Neither had I until I tried the natural skincare line, SeabuckWonders. The company uses berries that have been harvested in the Himalaya region and the effects are so awesome. The oil averages around 30-35% Omega-7 and is great for  cardiovascular support, collagen support, cellular rejuvenation and healthy inflammation response. What’s that mean? A healthier me without artificial ingredients. The sea Buckthorn Body Lotion has a gorgeous orange scent and is light enough for me to use even in summer (I don’t like using heavy lotions or scents in summer.).

Devera Naturals

Devera Naturals

Another natural beauty line, Devera Naturals (LOVE trying new beauty care lines!), started with a visit to an Ohio garden. Given the original recipes for an all-natural skin care regimen by a lady whose skin had reaped its benefits for many years, the creator was determined to make a shelf stable line- and the beginnings of Devera Naturals began. Using plant extracts and emollient oils, the natural skin care line is so easy on my skin and its subtle scent and fun ingredients (like the Licorice Root used in the Bodacious Lips- a plumper, gloss, and lip balm!) make me feel even healthier about what I’m putting on my skin and in my body.

Kanex Easy Sync iPad Keyboard with Cover

Kanex iPad keyboard

How many times have I propped up my iPad on my knee to get that proper angle for typing?Too many. Compliments of another product I never knew I needed until I tried it, the Kanex Easy Sync iPad Keyboard has the perfect angle for typing and it’s blue tooth capabilities allow me to type using the keyboard and not my iPad’s screen. When I’m done, one flip of the cover protects it and that same reverse flip opens it right up again. It’s super thin to boot so it packs in my suitcase with no problem at all.



Another product from Blogger bash NYC that jumped on our radar this month is a toy- GEMMIES! Sure, the ideal age for this toy is much younger than what I am, but ding dang it, it’s so much fun to make animals, jewelry, and even clothing out of them. Yep, GEMMIES caught my eye compliments of a rep at blogger Bash that had a dress made from them and it was gorgeous! Using the three “c’s” all you have to do is clip, connect, and create! Easy peasy and the sky’s the limit.

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