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hum by Verizon in vehicle

Disclosure: I received a hum by Verizon to “test drive” and six months of free service in exchange for my thoughts and opinions- which are all my own!

We have an older car that gets plenty of love (oil changes, tune-ups, new tires when needed. You get the idea.) but there are aspects that newer vehicles have that we’d love to have in our car as well- including a safety and emergency monitor. And while a smart phone can help keep us safe, it would be nice to know that we’re keeping tabs on our four-wheeled investment, ya know? Then I start to think about The Kid. At-14 years old, she’ll be ready to drive in only a couple of years (yikes!) and I want her to be and remain as safe as she can behind the wheel. So how can we get the best of both worlds- still keep loving our older car and stay connected? Our no-brainer solution is hum by Verizon.

hum by Verizon sun shade

Why I Love hum by Verizon

I feel like this should be a love letter to hum! There are so many reasons why I do love it, but the main reason has to be peace of mind. The system keeps my vehicle diagnostics in check, sends me an alert when I, or anyone driving my car, goes over a preset speed limit monitor, and, best of all, it’s there for emergencies, heaven help I should ever need it. Its monthly service fee covers pinpoint roadside assistance, incident alerts, vehicle diagnostics, and hum’s other smart features while on the road or off. Again, all super fun features for parents that worry with teens that are on the road. Less worry, more fun, right?

hum by Verizon Unboxing

hum by Verizon unboxing

You know something’s super simple to install when the box it ships in is tiny! With four pieces, I headed straight to the smartphone app for directions.

hum by Verizon OBD installation

One of its main components is the OBD, or on-board diagnostic, reader. This checks out my vehicle to make sure it’s running smoothly and constantly reads information while I’m on the road. I remembered where to plug mine in (I had diagnostics run in my car recently and watched where they plugged in the computer!) so it was easy for me, but I didn’t already know there’s an OBD placement info page on the hum by Verizon website to narrow the location down.


Next step? Attaching the Bluetooth speaker to my sun visor. It plugs into a cigarette lighter in a snap and I got a cut welcome message the first time it turned on.

User-Friendly App

hum by Verizon app welcome

Full disclosure: I did have a little trouble setting up my hum account, but only because I was stubborn and wanted to do everything myself. Turns out my VIN number wasn’t registered and I learned that by calling customer support. LOVED chatting with them. My customer support specialist was patient while I added in information and he helped me set everything up from beginning to end!

hum by Verizon vehicle locator

Should you ever need to know where you are, the hum by Verizon app locates your car in only a few moments. I’m really a fan of that especially in areas that I’m not familiar. What’s even better is that when my daughter begins driving I can keep tabs on where she is- smart Mama!

hum by Verizon app features

There are tons of app feature including oil change reminders, driver alerts (I tested this one out and received an email notification when I went one mile over the set speed!), and even local discounts. It searched my area for savings on shopping, restaurants, and other things I wouldn’t have even thought that I could save on.

hum and Go Promotion

hum by Verizon auto health overview

Perfect for parents with teen drivers, as an incentive to keep your vehicle a safer one and to help increase teen driver safety, from June 9 through August 31, when family members purchase hum for their eligible teen, they’ll receive a bill credit for the equipment fee, activation fee and first three months of service. To learn more about this offer by Verizon for newly licensed teen drivers, visit or your local Verizon Wireless store.

More information can be found on (including an overview of features, how it works and a list of FAQs and answers.


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