How a Trickle Turned into a Full Bathroom Upgrade- and Sweepstakes!

Bathroom upgrade

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I remember a cartoon from when I was young. It began with a character seeing a teeny spot on a wall. He tried to clean it first, then he began picking at it. Before you know it, the entire wall was ripped off with teeny pieces of it laying on the ground.

That’s been our bathroom. What started as a small drip in one of the sinks (we HAD two in one bathroom. We didn’t add an extra; it was there when Mr. Locke moved in.) ended up as a floor to ceiling gutted renovation. The drip was only the precursor for a broken pipe in the wall that soaked and ruined the drywall, base floor, and cabinets- and there was no way around it other than ripping everything out and starting new. The drip became a trickle which became a crack in the main pipe running through the wall from our basement to the floor above.

Bathroom upgrade

And, while there were more than a couple of moments where I thought that we were in over our heads by completely gutting and upgrading our shared bathroom (like when I had to sit on a tarp to do my makeup or when we had to brush our teeth in the kitchen sink for I don’t know how long!), it became evident when the new drywall was up and the new, beautiful floor tile in place that we should have done it much sooner. It’s moments like those that I relish. I loved using the sledgehammer to break through the old drywall (so therapeutic!), choosing new bathroom features, and selecting wall sconces and mirrors. Yes, we still cannot commit to a bathroom theme (we’re on the fence between pristine white and silver and Disney. Ha!) but, looking back, it’s moments like those that make me proud that we did just jump right in. I adore our new, bright and shiny bathroom.

Bathroom upgrade The (almost) finished product!

Sure that was a massive upgrade, but sometimes it’s even the smallest ones that make a difference in our everyday lives. Let’s chat about eyes for a sec. Both Mr. Locke and I wear contacts and we had settled into a habit of using the same contact cleaning solution for many years. Then one day Mr. Locke and a work colleague friend were at a pharmacy during their morning break and he mentioned to my husband about a new type of contact solution- and that was CLEAR CARE® PLUS. Convinced that he should try it totally based on his friend’s happy raves on its effectiveness, he came home with a bottle- and it’s been a staple in our bathroom ever since. So, just what makes it so different from other contact solutions?

  • Triple Action Cleaning
  • Features HydraGlyde® for long-lasting moisture
  • You can see the bubbles working- No kidding! I love watching the bubbles do their magic.
  • The #1 doctor recommended hydrogen peroxide solution
  • Preservative free- LOVE this! As a family that’s trying to remove preservatives from their lives, it’s one more product we can feel good about.
  • A Tripe threat: it loosens dirt, deep cleans, removes protein

That’s what.

Bubble Upgrade™ Sweepstakes

Bubble Upgrade Sweepstakes

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