Gentlemen, Start Your Engines! A Visit to Lucas Oil Raceway ARCA/CRA Races

Lucas Oil Raceway July 2016

I’m happy to write, the more we visit raceways the more enthusiastic I get over the races! From the roaring engines that you can feel in your chest to the science behind racing, a recent visit with Mr. Locke and The Kid to Lucas Oil Raceway to catch the ARCA 200 and CRA Circle City 100 was the perfect way to spend a gorgeous, July night. Here’s the scoop on our fun!

Lucas Oil Raceway

If you’re a racing fan, I’m sure you know the phrase about the fun being in the last 10 laps of the race. And while, yes, that’s probably the most thrilling time during a race, I’m so fascinated by the how, where, and why of every race at this point. On July 29, 2016, Lucas Oil Raceway presented the Sioux Chief PowerPEX 200 and we headed to the Hendricks County VIP box to gain a bird’s eye view of the first race-The ARCA/CRA Super Series!

Lucas Oil Raceway Cars

Yes, the races are a hoot and the fans fun (it feels as though it’s one, big fan family when you head to a racetrack), I’m all about the technique behind driving and the science that goes into the race cars and their engines and tires. And don’t even get me started on pit stops! If you’re a fan, you already know that, depending on temperature, track quality, and other conditions there are tweaks in both the engine and the tires. If the track is wet, well, that’s something all together different. It’s why the pit crew does what it does that I enjoy the most. I’m a science nerd, after all.

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

Lucas Oil Raceway July 2016

ARCA/CRA Super Series is 100 laps of racing with additional laps thrown in (the lead up to the start of the race, putting the cars back into proper order if the car in first position laps the last car), but from beginning to end of the CRA race lasted about 75 minutes- the perfect amount of time to actually sit and watch the entire thing.

And while we did spend a bulk of the race in the Hendricks County Box, I made a point to get out there in the grandstand and take it all in. I’m amazed at the engines’ roars (if you’re in the grandstand definitely bring ear protection for you and the kids) and the sheer speed of the vehicles. I attempted to count how many seconds it took for the first car to make a complete lap around the one mile track and it averaged right around 20-25. Wow!

Lucas Oil Raceway Checkered flag

Yes, the last couple of laps were exhilarating to watch, but I really enjoyed watching the whole race. Happily, there were no crashes or injuries, but we did see some engine trouble that caused a few racers to have to call it in early.

Lucas Oil Raceway Finish Line

There was a huge roar when car #20 driven by Erik Jones came in first. Jones has definitely had his share of wins: he’s the 2015 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series champion and current NASCAR Xfinity Series star, so the well-known racer was happy to claim another title and trophy!

Lucas Oil Raceway Winner

So what’s next on the Lucas Oil Raceway schedule that we can’t wait to check out? The Chevrolet Performance U.S. Nationals and Drag Racing over Labor Day Weekend! We can’t wait to head back to the raceway to get a whole new take on the fun!

Disclosure: Visit Hendricks County CVB graciously hosted me and my family to give you fine folks the scoop on the ARCA/CRA racing at Lucas Oil Raceway. I was not asked to state a particular point of view and, as always, all opinions are my own!

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