Five Simple Back to School Hacks #PGDetailsMatter

Cascade Power pacs lunch box

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Check your calendar: it’s that time of year again. And, although it’s generally a delight for parents, I can already see the sad looks in the eyes of children that are shopping in department stores with their parents- when the back to school displays hit the shelves there’s no denying the obvious. It’s also a time of year that gives me a smart realization: I need to begin looking through my daughter’s school supplies and school needs. I need to figure out whether her items from last year will work for this year and, if they will, I need to get them all spiffy including her clothing, hardware, and lunch supplies. And, speaking of readiness with back to school lunches, I’m sharing some of my tried and true favorite back to school lunch hacks with you.

All  You Need is Love and a Sharpie

Bounty note

From the time my daughter began school, I always packed her lunch (she’s never been a fan of school lunches). And, everyday, I loved adding little notes inside her lunch box. While you can get super creative with the idea (homemade paper, cards, etc.,) it’s just as easy to use paper towels when you’re in a hurry. A sweet sentiment goes a long way to put a smile on those faces that you adore. Grab a paper towel off the holder (I love Bounty Advanced Select-A-Size), grab a sharpie, and take 30 seconds to show them how much you love and miss them.

While we’re talking lunch box hacks, freeze your child’s drink overnight- it makes a GREAT ice pack especially for the beginning and end of school when she’s come home only to tell you she sweated the entire day. Blech.

Wash Lunch Box Containers Right Away

Cascade Power pacs lunch box

How many times have I waited until Sunday night to pull out the garbage from my daughter’s lunch box, only to find a funky smell has permeated the plastic containers? Eww, too many to count. After learning (and re-learning) this lesson, I made an effort to throw the containers straight into the dishwasher each night so there’s no hint of funk in sight. Even faster, instead of using liquid dishwasher detergent, plop one of those all-in-one pacs into the holder (I adore Cascade Complete Action Pacs– no more prewashing!), close the dishwasher door, and THEN I can forget about them- until Sunday night!

If your child’s lunch supplies do not allow for a wash in the dishwasher, a quick hand washing when they get home is the way to go. Fill up the sink, add your fave dish soap (right now mine is Dawn Platinum Advanced Power– I can get the power of an overnight soak in only five minutes!)

Use a Wreath Holder for Backpacks


Head to the Dollar Store and pick up an inexpensive wreath holder and then use it to hang your child’s backpack on the front door at night. There’s no way they’ll not see it!

Use a Shoe Organizer For Hair Accessories

Hair care shoe organizer

Use an inexpensive shoe or jewelry organizer for your daughter’s hair supplies. We used to hang ours behind my daughter’s bedroom door and, once she was dressed, all she had to do was pick out her hair “pretties”. Keep brushes, combs, elastics, and bows all together so you won’t have to run back and forth looking for supplies. Thanks, Tampa Mama, for the tip!

Clean Out the Closets at the End of Summer

When my daughter was young I used to say that her brain did all of the growing during the school year and her body did the growing during summer- sometimes by several inches! So it was early August that we would pull every stitch of clothing from her closet and try everything on. I’d make a list of what we needed to buy and donate all of her too-small clothes to a local charity organization. And, while that closet was empty, that’s when I’d give it a thorough cleaning. I’d scrub the shelves and give it a good spray (Febreze Air Effects does wonders for getting rid of stagnant, funky closet smells), wash the clothing that she could still wear, and hang everything back up- ready for a new school year.

So Where Can I Get all of These Awesome Supplies?


Costco, of course! It’s my go-to spot to shop for Procter and Gamble products (LOVE that company! They’ve got a way with know all about those little details that make my life easier-  and it’s so easy to find everything I need for back-to-school spiffiness in a snap.

What’s your favorite back to school hack? Please share it with us in the comment section below!

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