Off to the Races with The Seeker Wines

The Seeker Wine Red Blend Races

Sometimes the stars align just right. Sometimes we’re not traveling on the weekend. Sometimes The Kid is off visiting relatives on that same weekend. And sometimes the weather is so perfect that Mr. Locke and I just have to pull ourselves away from our computers and get outside for a date night. It’s perfect nights like the one I’ve just described where we pack up our cooler, grab a blanket, and head to the races! Our local horse race track has a lovely grassy area where we can watch them and enjoy each other’s company- and the last weekend it included The Seeker Wines. It’s these fun, everyday adventures that make summer, well, summer.

Let’s Race!

The Seeker Red Wine Race

Sure, we’ve actually head to the race track and make a couple of $2 bets, but honestly it’s just as much fun to sit on the opposite side of the track and watch them. We don’t have to eat greasy track food (we can pack fruit and cut up veggies and cheese instead) and can open a bottle of wine, sit on our blanket, and enjoy the sun and each other’s company. Last weekend the track was running the inside, grass track and, honestly, the races were a hoot to watch. I’m used to seeing the jockeys get covered in dirt from the outside track, so this visit was just classic.

Seeking Adventure with The Seeker

The Seeker Red Wine Blend Horses

It goes without saying that I always drink responsibly and will continue to be designated driver in my home. I have no problem with that title ever, but taking a sip or two over a three hour period is just fine. And, when I’m away from home or driving, it’s exactly that: two sips. Mr. Locke, on the other hand, can indulge and I’m happy to let him.

The Seeker Red Wine Blend Label

Last weekend we took two bottles of The Seeker Wines (Red Blend 2013 and Riesling) with us to the race track but ended up opening the Red Blend. So let’s chat about The Seeker Wines for a sec. The first thing I noticed before I ever opened the bottle was its cool label. Love the mid-19th Century flying machine! Just as we know no borders in our travels, The Seeker Wines follow that same mantra: it offers a line of wines from all over the world. Talk about a global taste journey without having to leave our proverbial backyard.

The Seeker Wines Red Blend Riesling

I love that for The Seeker it’s all about the journey. How many times have I said (and written) that? I couldn’t even count. And whether we’re traveling thousands of miles away from home or out the back door to our lawn chairs, I’m so elated that the company is dedicated to leaving a small carbon footprint. It uses recycled (and recyclable), lightweight glass and locally-sourced materials whenever possible. Looking for The Seeker Wines in your own backyard? Its store locator is super helpful.

The Seeker Wine Sun flare

Did I mention we had an amazing date night? Where would you take The Seeker? Please let me know in the comment section below!

This post was sponsored on behalf of The Seeker Wines via One2One Network. All opinions stated are my own. Please, please, PLEASE drink responsibly and never drink and drive. 

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