How Cleveland Clinic Children’s Is Helping Kids (& Parents) Everyday

Cleveland Clinic
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I have a teen daughter. She gets sick on occasion (I’m super lucky that she’s healthy most of the time) but the causes are generally easy to remedy. If a time were to come that they weren’t, you can bet Cleveland Clinic Children’s would be on our short list of hospitals to make a beeline for should an issue arise.

We have dealt with health issues in my family, though,  and continue to do so everyday with my retired father. Diagnosed with heart disease compliments of a massive heart attack in his 40’s, he’s persevered and has been a trooper for decades now and we couldn’t be happier. He’s had amazing cardiac care, has changed his lifestyle and eating habits, and his doctor recently told him he’s healthier now more than ever.

On the other side of the coin lining in a small town it seems like we’re all family (even if only by practicality) and, while we all generally know each other, we all worry and care for each other as well- just like extended family. When one of our “kids” get sick, we all turn into bonus moms!

Cleveland Clinic
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Why Cleveland Clinic Children’s?

No parent wants to see their kids get sick, even if it’s just a sniffle. I know I go into full panic mode if I even think my teen daughter is getting sick. I have to admit, I have thought about what I would do if a larger issue would have turn up and how I’d be devastated and heart-broken. After composing myself, I’d look for the best possible care she could receive and I’d be willing to comb the ends of the earth for it, just like any mother or father would.

In my small town, I’m lucky to have great doctors to fix the small stuff. But, if a larger health issue would ever arise, Cleveland Clinic Children’s is close enough to my small town that I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to take my daughter and here’s why: I know tons of folks that head there for medical issues not only for themselves but their kids, too. And, while I may not hear of cardiac issues in children frequently, they do, indeed, occur more than we would like.

Cleveland Clinic Children’s has a super high reputation for successfully handling even the most complex of heart disease cases in kids and they offer from birth to adulthood so you don’t have to keep moving around when your child grows. Just in case you need a second opinion, they serve as a worldwide referral and second opinion center for patients of all ages with pediatric congenital heart disease (CHD).  And because Cleveland Clinic Children’s heart specialists work closely with adult specialists in Cleveland Clinic’s world-renowned Heart & Vascular Institute, young patients have access to state-of-the art technology and expertise not available anywhere else. How’s that for a smooth transition to adult congenital heart care if needed!

Cleveland Clinic
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How to Seek Help at Cleveland Clinic Children’s

Cleveland Clinic
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For more information on Cleveland Clinic Children’s heart care:

  • Cleveland Clinic Children’s website: 
  • Cleveland Clinic Children’s phone number: 216.444.KIDS
  • Children’s has over 300 pediatric specialists-leaders in research for cardiac care, neurological conditions, digestive diseases and other conditions. More than 80 of its staff is annually named as “Best Doctors” by their peers.
  •  Cleveland Clinic Children’s is consistently rated among the”Best Children’s Hospitals” by U.S. News & World Report™.

Whether it’s first thing on a Monday morning or the middle of the night and you’re desperate for answers, the website provides tons of useful information to help you make the right decision and it works with families with children from newborn to adult.

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