Blume Honey Water: Bee-Friendly and So Delicious!

Blume Honey Water

We love when awesome products are not only revealed in Pittsburgh, but come from local residents! Last week, we headed to Eleven in The Strip District for a big announcement: Blume Honey Water! The healthy beverage is made with raw honey and not only keeps your blood sugar in check, but it’s delicious. Here’s the scoop on the reveal.

What is Blume Honey Water?

Blume Honey Water

Last week, Mr. Locke and I once again headed into Pittsburgh proper for the launch of Blume Honey Water. We learned so much from the co-creators, Michele Meloy Burchfield and Carla Frank, before we taste-tested the three flavors and why it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

So, exactly what’s inside?

Blume Honey Water is Artisan Waters crafted with 100% bee-friendly honey, natural flavors, and “passion for life”. It’s also made and bottled locally but the promise of expanding into other large cities is definitely in the near future. According to the co-owners, “Unlike processed sugar, honey doesn’t cause drastic spikes in your blood sugar. It supplies two stages of energy. First, your body absorbs honey’s glucose for immediate invigoration and then the slow-absorbing fructose provides smooth, sustained energy.”

What is bee-friendly versus non?

• Batch traceable from humane beekeepers
• Calm, healthy environment for bees
• Bees are not overworked or mistreated
• Bees are not trucked long distances
• Bees are not fed high-fructose corn syrup
• No commercial pollinating services

Now that I can get on board with. As a gal that has low blood sugar, the promise of a sweet-tasting beverage that won’t cause me to crash is refreshing.

And speaking of refreshing…

Blume Honey Water Taste Test

Blume Honey Water

For the present time, Blume Honey Water comes in three all-natural varieties:

Ginger Zest
Three forms of ginger create layers of delicious complexity and lead the way to a lingering finish of sophisticated spice and invigorating natural energy. Ingredients: ginger infused water, honey, fresh ginger juice, lemon juice
Wild Blueberry
Let succulent blueberries, fragrant herbs and pure golden honey transport your tastebuds to a lush, sun-kissed countryside where temptation grows wild and splendor comes by the sip. Ingredients: water, honey, dried blueberries, natural flavorings (rosemary, black peppercorn, grapefruit)
Vanilla Citrus
Crisp and fresh, this captivating combination of tastes is as curious as it is complementary to the floral notes of our exclusive honey blend.
Ingredients: water, honey, natural flavorings (vanilla, orange, grapefruit), lemon juice

Blume Honey Water

So what did I think? Honestly, I loved every sip. If I had to choose my favorite out of the three it would be Wild Blueberry. It was definitely the sweetest out of the lot and right up my alley. The back end had a flavor that I couldn’t quite grab at first but, after learning it was black peppercorn, I was amazed. The peppercorn gave that perfect something that cut the sweetness. My next fave? Vanilla Citrus. It tasted like a lovely vanilla cupcake.

Our goodie bags had delicious artisan chocolates from A519 Chocolate. Also Pittsburgh proud, each of the three used the honey-infused water to create delicious hand-crafted chocolates with a super creamy center. Yum!

Blume Honey Water

If you’re in the Pittsburgh area, you can expect to begin seeing Blume Honey Water on local health food and natural product store shelves immediately. Each bottle will retail for $2.49 and is worth every penny.

Blume Honey Water


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