A Gorgeous Afternoon on the Tall Ship Kajama in Toronto

A family trip to Toronto, Ontario, found us right on the Waterfront and eager to get out on the water on a gorgeous weekend day. The tall ship Kajama was ready to set sail on a harbor cruise- and we were ready to learn all about the ship, enjoy a meal, and take in gorgeous Toronto skyline views.

Touring Toronto Harbour on Kajama

Toronto Skyline

If you’re looking for gorgeous views of Toronto proper, sure, you can walk around the city and take gorgeous photos, but to really get beauty of its skyline a boat tour is exactly the way to go. There are several boat tours that make their way from shore and out to open waters (and even to Center Island) but if you want an old school take on what it might be like to sail in a traditional schooner, Kajama is the way to go.

Kajama Deck

After a 30-minute boarding time, the ship heads out to open waters for 90 minutes and that’s when we really got a feel of the boat and that glorious lake air. Surprisingly, although the Humidex on the day we sailed was right around 40 (that’s 104 F for my American readers!), the off shore air was actually gloriously chilly.

Kajama and me

There’s a fully licensed bar with decent prices and a bar-style menu with decent prices as well. We had a Family Platter filled with chicken fingers, quesadilla slices, fries and the like for just under $26 Canadian. You can stay on deck or head to the dining area below deck. There’s plenty of seating but no windows so we ate and headed back up to take in the pretty sights.

In a Nutshell

Kajama and The Kid

Kajama (pronounced kai YAH mah) is a traditional 165 foot, three mast schooner that sets sail on the Toronto Harbour every weekend from the beginning of May through the end of September and daily from June through Labour Day. Tickets may be purchased online or at the walk-up booth on the Waterfront.

Prices at the time this article was published are as follows:

  • $26.99 for adults
  • $14.99 for children 5 and up,
  • $2.99 for kids 4 and under
  • $23.99 for seniors

Cruise times vary by time of year and day. Full schedule can be found on the official website.

Kajama Pinterest

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