Big Girls Do Cry: An Interview with Frankie Valli’s Former Flame

April Kirkwood Big Girls Do Cry

There’s something to be written about being the former flame of a massive musical star- for over three decades! April Kirkwood’s new book, Big Girls Do Cry, offers insight to her life with superstar Frankie Valli, how she learned from her past, and what she loves about her present.

April Kirkwood Big Girls Do Cry

Ask April Kirkwood about singer Frankie Valli and she won’t bat an eyelash in telling you she still loves him. And when she said it, I was honestly shocked.

April Kirkwood Big Girls Do Cry

Why? When Mr. Locke and I headed to the Youngstown Country Club for a three-hour event to promote her new book, Big Girls Do Cry: My Love Affair with Frankie Valli (Wise Ink, 2015, $15.95),  I honestly expected a bash fest. I expected a detailed description of her life with Valli, why she gave up on the relationship, or to hear if he was too big for his britches. And I didn’t know how I’d feel about it. Truth? I’ve been a fan of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons as long as I can remember. I used to sit in the living room and, with my father’s giant headphones on, I’d put on of the group’s LP’s on and sing along to classics like “Big Girls Don’t Cry” , “Sherry” and “Rag Doll”. I loved all of the songs and Frankie Valli and The Fours Seasons were a staple on my father’s stereo component system.

What I got was an insightful lesson in love and loss and how she’s moved on with her life by learning from her past.

Teaching Others to Learn form Heartache

The Youngstown native and former Miss Ohio was a delight to listen to, and not only is she just beautiful in person, she’s highly educated in her own regards with Masters degrees in both education and mental health counseling from Youngstown State University. She focused on how, by telling her own story, she could help others with their own feelings of hurt and pain.

April Kirkwood Big Girls Do Cry

Kirkwood said, “I still love Frankie and I have love for the man that reminds me of Frankie, even though that relationship lead me to my breakdown or should I say my break through. It’s often the worst events that shake us up and wake us to healing and truth. I realized I had drunk the kook-aide of m childhood imprint and I never really knew what love was. Worst than that, I had created an image I thought men like Frankie desired. Did I know what love is? Who was I? Through silence, introspection, and the honesty of my being, I woke up out of this hypnotic spell. I no longer permit my inner child to keep me wandering in the darkness of my own despair. I am happy, I am love, and I can now love fully without regrets.”

April Kirkwood Big Girls Do Cry

The room, mainly filled with local residents and relatives, sat on baited breath hoping to catch a few juicy details about the love affair, but Miss Kirkwood, ever the classy lady, barely touched on the subject. She does, however, go into details about the 30-year affair in her book, which I can’t wait to read!

In a Nutshell

Big Girls Do Cry April kirkwood


Title: Big Girls Do Cry

Subtitle: My Love Affair with Frankie Valli

Author: April Kirkwood

ISBN: 978-1-9400-1467-8

Book size: 5.5” x 8.5” Pages: 208 page paperback

Launch: Aug. 4, 2015

Copyright: 2015 Retail: $15.95

Category: Memoir, Non-fiction

Publisher: Wise Ink Creative Publishing, Minneapolis, MN

Distributor: Itasca Books

1-800-901-3480 x118

Publicist: Rachel M. Anderson

RMA Publicity (952) 240-2513


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