They Sure Don’t Make ‘Em in Pittsburgh Like They Used To!

Walking through the neighborhood of Shadyside in Pittsburgh last weekend was a delight. You see, I’m in love with old churches and other places of worship, and this part of town has several gorgeous specimens including the Third Presbyterian Church of Pittsburgh. It makes me giggle when I think about how big city churches got their names. So, take this church for instance, in my mind there’s a conversation that goes something like this:

“Aww man, someone’s already scored First Presbyterian and Second Presbyterian. Looks like we’ve gotta go with Third Presbyterian.”

I’m positive the naming of this church was no where near the way I pictured it, but still, the giggle persists.

This church is a gorgeous specimen of the wear and tear that buildings in Pittsburgh took during the booming steel mill years. In fact, if you look at old photos, most of the city in its entirety was covered in a blackish-brown powder. And, while many churches have decided to remove the grime, this church has not and I love the fact that it’s kept its signs of weathering. To me, it’s like refinishing an antique table or painting over a watermark on an old desk. I say keep it the way it is and was.

If you ever decide to take a walk through Shadyside, the Third Presbyterian Church is on the corner of Fifth Ave. and Negley.


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