What are you looking forward to most this spring?

After a long winter, where do you want to visit when spring rolls around? Is the the beach that calls your name? Or perhaps it’s the hustle and bustle of New York City? 

For me, it’s a combination of both. I love traveling to spots that allow for some beach downtime but are close enough to a big city that allows me and my family to explore. 

This photo, from Ocean Place Resort and Spa in Long Branch, New Jersey, is one of my favorite beaches. No kidding. The sunrises and sunsets are perfect and the beach, although pretty pebbly, is lovely to walk on. 

Long Branch is only an hour and change away from Manhattan and you’d be surprised at the beauty of the beach town. The Kid and I have visited twice and I don’t have a bad memory for either trip. Hurricane Katrina did wreak havoc on the area a few years ago but it’s been rebuilt and is seriously better than ever. 

Where are you headed this spring? Please leave me a suggestion in the comment area below.

Happy travels!

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