Walt Disney World and Pittsburgh Today Live: A Perfect Pairing

It seems like my “pinch me” moments are are becoming a little more constant these days and yesterday morning was a slap-me-in-the-face-I’m-dreaming moment.

Ask me to talk about Walt Disney World and I’m always on board. Ask me to talk on KDKA t.v.’s Pittsburgh Today Live morning news show and I’m floating on air! When my family first moved to the area I now call home, I remember the kids at school talking about KDKA and its programs. 

A link to the PTL video:

When I received the confirmation a few weeks ago, I couldn’t believe my eyes. And, when I arrived on set, I really couldn’t believe my eyes.
Yep, a total dream come true.

Here’s the rub: I thought I would be petrified- but I wasn’t. I’ve watched the show so much that it felt like I was talking to an old friend when I chatted with Kristine Sorensen.

The Kid and I were shown around the studio where so many Pittsburgh icons and celebrities have dropped in to share news. Did you know KDKA is the world’s first commercial radio station? Yep! and I now hold a place in that history. GAH!!!

If you didn’t have a chance to catch the show, here’s a link to the segment (or you can click the segment photo at the beginning of the post. 

And, if you’re wondering if I’m still dreaming?

I am. 

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