Unplugging and Reconnecting at Whispering Pines B&B

How many times have you had a discussion with your significant other about the amount of time you spend on your smartphone or computer? For me and Mr. Locke, I have to admit we spend a ton of time wishing we had an excuse to break away from all of the tech and simply enjoy each other’s company. There are times when I have to tell myself to put down the iPad or log off my computer. They are definite time sucks and, although a main part of our lives at this point, there are times when I wish they didn’t exist. 

Last weekend, we did just that, if you can believe it. We made a conscious effort to not continually have our phones in hand or stare at our laptops. We made the conscious effort to reconnect and unwind without the use of technology occupying our every thought or wondering what television show was going to be on next- and we enjoyed every moment of our together time at Whispering Pines Bed and Breakfast in Dellroy, Ohio- a Select Registry property and named a “Top 10 Romantic Inn”. 

The time we spent together was so refreshing and fun and our surroundings cozy and relaxing. We walked around the property, rose early to animal watch, and sat in front of the windows gazing at the picturesque views of Atwood Lake.  We devoured a delicious breakfast, chatted with the other inn guests, and took a drive to the local towns to check out the shops and restaurants. 

If this relaxing scene has you thinking about unplugging as well, here’s more details about our visit to Whispering Pines.

Guest Rooms

Whispering Pines has nine guestrooms, each individually-themed and decorated, but each with common amenities and features. Our room for the night, Brandywine, has a two-person whirlpool tub (so relaxing), electric fireplace that can be adjusted for temperature and brightness, full bath, private patio (great choice for bringing in and taking away luggage), and a really comfortable king bed. We had two super-plush robes to wrap around us after a soak in the tub- perfect for sitting by the fireplace and chatting with a cup of tea in hand. 

What a welcome: homemade chocolate chip cookies on our dresser. 

If it looks as though there’s something missing, you’re probably looking for the in-room television. There wasn’t one, nor any on the property, actually. I admit, I was curious as to what we would stare at, but after 15 minutes or so I totally forgot that I missed mine at home. 

Our room also had a sizable bathroom with stand-up shower and a light-up makeup mirror. Yes! We’re renovating our bathroom at home and now I have to add one to the wall- so convenient!

Common Areas Are Anything but Common

When we checked in, we immediately were given a tour of the property’s common areas. The room we found to be really homey was the Game Room. Filled with dozens of games both on the the tables and stored, we could play them in the Game Room or take them back to our guest room and play. We did a little of both. There’s also restaurant menus and decorations in this room, so take a seat and browse the local culinary scene. 

I’m calling this room the Fireplace Room because that’s what caught my eye. A sitting room of sorts, the space is intimate and really cozy.

The Breakfast Room is more than just a spot to eat. The large windows face Atwood Lake, and if you know anything about Dellroy, OH, the lake is where it’s at. 

There’s also several plush couches and chairs- and wifi if you’re so inclined. Yep, Whispering Pines does offer wifi in its common areas and the Breakfast Room receives the best signal. Hey, I had to check for research purposes and to post a couple of pics about our visit on Instagram:


A photo posted by Karyn Locke ???? (@karynlocke) on Feb 27, 2016 at 3:35pm PST

 There was also the cutest breakfast menu sign teasing us with the morning’s menu. No worries if we had allergies, the caretakers would have customized our meals for us in a minute!

A Breakfast Worthy of Mention

On weekends, breakfast is served between 9-10 am which gave us plenty of time to sleep in (or in our case, animal watch. We spied a Red Fox at dawn and were glued to our guest room windows all morning!) and dress for breakfast. The first course was Poached Pears with Honey Mascarpone- so delicious. Mr. Locke is not a fan or fruit (I know. Kooky.), but he really enjoyed the pears. I think I may have to make them at home now.

As if the first course wasn’t enough, as soon as we devoured it the second was at our table. Eggs Benedict, pork belly, arugula, and a homemade English muffin was the perfect amount of protein- and so filling. The potato hash had both white and sweet potatoes and a side of red grapes rounded out our meals. 


After breakfast, we gathered our belongings and loaded up the car. I loved the fact that the inn keepers gave us our space but were very friendly, too. I feel like I made two new friends. 

What You Should Know

  • Whispering Pines is located in Dellroy, Ohio, and directly across from Atwood Lake. It’s a four-seasons property so, if you cannot score a reservation in the peak months, go ahead and score one during off-season. Not only is the property quieter, the views are still gorgeous!
  •  Check-in is at 3pm or later. If you do make the drive and arrive early, you’ll have to enjoy local activities until 3pm. We arrived early and headed back into town for a couple of hours to check out the stores and views. Check-out is at 11am.
  • Dellroy, Ohio, is a very small town but only 7 or 8 miles east is Carrollton, Ohio- the cutest Midwestern town I’ve seen in a long time. It’s filled with antique shops, restaurants, and even a general store. 
  • There are no televisions or guest room wifi. You won’t miss it. 
Disclosure: I was hosted by Whispering Pines B&B and Select Registry to give you fine folks the scoop on what makes the property so great for guests. I was not asked to state a particular point of view and all opinions are my own!

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