Disney on Ice presents Frozen in Pittsburgh: What You Missed

Olaf from Frozen

If you’re a massive Disney fan like my family is, you keep your eye on what’s happening with Disney in your own neck of the woods. As a Midwest gal, Disney shows do come around my area (thank heavens or I’d go through Disney withdrawal!), and the most recent was Disney on Ice presents Frozen. Even with a husband that has heard “Let it Go” from the car stereo maybe one too many a time (and The Kid and I singing the song way entirely too loudly!), even he had a blast on opening night. 

Didn’t have the chance to check out a performance or simply curious as to what goes into a Disney on Ice show? We’ve got the scoop!

More than Just Frozen Characters

When I told The Kid that there’s much more to Disney on Ice presents Frozen than the chilly story line, she was bouncing up and down in her seat. Mickey Mouse is her definite favorite character and he, along with his sweetie Minnie Mouse, were the mc’s of the show and really got the crowd pumped up.

Mickey and Minnie brought along a few famous friends including Nemo, Dory, Goofy, Timon and Pumbaa, and even some beautiful Disney Princesses (and their princes!)

The opening segment was only a taste of the fun, however. When the lights dimmed and that all-too familiar music began, a roar from the packed house let us know it was time for the main act.

Frozen Tales


The show wouldn’t have been the same without the cool ambiance, and from the lighting to the snow falling from the ceiling, I loved the colors and sets.

Anna and Elsa were so beautiful and their costumes just stunning. We loved how the skaters came off the stage and even a couple of them (including Anna’s fiance, Hans) walked through the crowd for a moment.

And the Crowd Goes Wild!

There was no mistaking when Olaf make his show debut- the crowd went wild! He was a silly and funny as ever and the movie was brought to life with the larger-than-life snowman sang “In Summer”.

My favorite part of the show? Listening to all of the small princesses and princes sing along with the popular songs. I couldn’t help but smile.

Let it Go

Elsa’s famous tune, “Let it Go” was magically brought to life in the show. The crowd sang along very exuberantly, and I even caught a smile from Mr. Locke.

All in all, the show was amazing. If you’re reading this post from another city, check the Disney on Ice schedule to see if they’ll be in your neck of the woods. Seriously.

Special thanks to Feld Entertainment and Markowitz Communications for hosting my family to give you fine folks the scoop on Disney on Ice presents Frozen‘s opening night! All opinions are my own.

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  1. We just saw Disney on Ice Frozen in Ft Myers, so much fun!! great photos!

    1. Karyn Locke

      We had a great time! The music is so pretty and the ice skaters are so talented. Thanks for,the compliment!

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