Star Gazing in Central Ohio

What is it about the night sky that’s so magical? 

On nights that I do stay up later than normal and have the opportunity to check out the stars I find myself so drawn to it. I don’t need the television or radio playing so any other form of entertainment, for that matter.

I remember exactly when I became a fan of the night sky. The summer of sixth grade. I asked my mother to take me to our local public library and checked out every book I could find on the subject. I spent most of the summer learning about constellations and space features, so I guess having the chance to look at the night sky takes me back to when I was 12. 

In my neck if the woods I have a yard completely surrounded by trees so my everyday view of the sky is quite limited. Take me away for the yard for a night and show me a clear view of the sky and I’m grabbing the camera. 

This pic was taken at The Wilds in Central Ohio. Mr. Locke and I stayed in a yurt for one night. Notice I didn’t write “slept”. The sky was so beautiful that we stayed up way too late snapping pics and then were up way before dawn the next morning. All for the sake of the sky. 

And it was so worth it. 

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