He Named Me Malala on NatGeo February 29, 2016: Would You Have the Courage?

“There is a moment when you have to choose whether to be silent or to stand up.” -Malala Yousafzai
What if someone told you your daughter couldn’t attend school- not for lack of fortune or location, but simply because she was a girl. You’d undoubtedly be so angry and confused you’d either want to run and hide or stand up and fight, right? I tend to be the stand-for-what’s-right kind of gal, so I was instantly enraged. I couldn’t imagine someone telling me that, yet in countries all over the world education is refused to 60 million girls on the sole basis of their gender. 

When I heard “He Named Me Malala” was airing on National Geographic Channel this Monday, February 29th at 8pm ET (commercial free!), I knew I had to learn more about the brave young woman who dared to dream that all girls should go to school. A Nobel Peace Prize winner, along with several other accolades and awards, she spoke of young girls’ rights- and it nearly cost her her life. 

He Named Me Malala


Malala, a teen girl who was shot in the head for speaking her mind about girls not being able to attend school, did not let her fear of the Taliban rule intimidate her. Thinking that the bullet would silence both her and her father, she persevered and lives to tell the story. She stood up for what was right and was made a target, yet she continued to stand. That’s true bravery, my friends. 

Please join me, along with my teen daughter and husband, on Sunday, January 29th at 8pm EST for the commercial free viewing of “He Named Me Malala”. The show will touch on Malala’s back story, her bravery, and her ongoing task of teaching the world about the lack of schooling so many girls suffer from. 

Tweet #withMalala to donate to the Malala Fund

During the presentation through March 10, 2016, please tweet your support using the hashtag #withMalala and $1 will be donated to the Malala Fund by 21st Century Fox, for a total donation up to $50,000. While you’re at it, make sure you tag @MalalaFund and #withMalala during the broadcast and follow along to receive information on how to take action for girls’ education. 

 We’ll be watching. And tweeting. Please join us next Monday night. 

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